Floral wedding setup

Floral wedding setup

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The importance of flowers

The wedding, a day of consecration and celebrations, of promises of love and fun, a day of sharing a fairy tale that is written in the stars. In order for all this to be credible, it is good that the organization of the event is impeccable, which best reflects the couple's history, creating the right evocative atmosphere. And what better than flowers helps in a natural and colorful way to set up spaces making them special and romantic on the most beautiful occasions of our lives? The decoration, often underestimated, instead creates the right scenario in which the spouses will move safely, between souvenir photos and unforgettable moments, which will become indelible memories. Memories not faded thanks to the flowers, silent and discreet, that will paint the spaces infusing freshness to the environments. The house of the spouses, the church, the car, the location of the reception and the bouquet of the bride are the focal points to focus on for an essential decoration, which will be homogeneous following a theme and a rigorous chromatic continuity. Since ancient times, on the other hand, the flowers have been chosen as a symbol of fidelity and love. Just think of the celebrated orange blossoms, Venus myrtle, red roses. This is why the bride and groom, in the choice of decoration, will have to think a lot about the style they want to communicate, perhaps being advised by professionals who already two months before the wedding, after a careful inspection of the church, the town hall or the restaurant, know how to draft a project of preparation in which nothing is left to chance, not even a possible too intense perfume of some flowers that could disturb the present or the possible freshness of the buds that will have to last for hours.

How to orient yourself in the flowering jungle

What your florist will tell you right away, is that it is always better to choose among seasonal flowers, to contain prices. What instead may be silent is that the flowers used on the place of the ceremony can be easily moved to the reception, to significantly lower the budget. Furthermore, proceeding with the choice, it will usually start from a white and green base to which to add flowers of the chosen color. Very popular lately, adding plants and fruits to the compositions, such as chilies, cherries and peach branches in bloom.
Once the taste and the expense have been established, the wedding venue will be the one that will guide the preparation of the installation, which should follow the architectural style of the place. Starting from the fact that getting married in a greenhouse is not very chic, just place small flowering spots along the nave, on the benches or on the chairs. The more opulent the church is, the less noisy flowers will be needed. In Romanesque churches, on the other hand, simple and essential, even the flowers must be discreet. Good compositions with wheat and fruit in the summer, in rural and informal situations. Less is more then and if you really want an obvious decoration, also rely on candles, maybe not scented to avoid creating nauseating mixtures. Go ahead then to the petals used on the carpet up to the altar or thrown to the spouses at the end of the ceremony. They will follow them to the car where a small composition will embellish the interior.

Some clever tricks

Even at the reception location, the flowers will follow the chosen style. Some places offer the floral service included. Make sure it is in line with the one proposed in the church, so as not to create false notes. The advice here too is to use fruit, accessories, cries, so as not to waste flowers and not cover the tables with lavish vases that will prevent guests from even talking. Something elegant will be enough to match the color of the tablecloths.
The real decoration on which you do not skimp is the bride's bouquet, which like the dress will be carefully chosen to exalt it as best as a real accessory. Tradition has it that the groom purchases it, but the choice is always up to the bride who will match it with the type of dress and hairstyle. Each will have some favorite flowers, but remember not to choose flowers that can dirty the dress, of short or too heavy life, so as not to have to carry the bouquet like a burden. Also, if the bride chooses to throw it, it is good that it does not turn into a weapon.
For witnesses, the father of the bride and groom, the flagship is an inevitable quirk, taken from the bouquet will be a very refined option.

Wedding floral arrangement: Symbols and seasonality

As mentioned, when choosing flowers, it is wise to refer to seasonal flowers. Dahlias, lilies, orchids, daisies, roses, camellias are also found in winter and adapt to the colors of the period. Tulips, peonies, sunflowers are almost the exclusive prerogative of the summer, unless you want to send them with exorbitant expenses from exotic countries.
Yet there is another factor to consider. Flowers have their own meaning. The white ones recall purity, the pink ones tenderness, red is passion, the yellow jealousy. Some varieties are also very evocative. The calle, for example, recall a beauty of other times, tulips are a symbol of love but also of fragility and the innocent daisy could be discouraged in a second marriage. So don't leave anything to chance, the flowers will speak for you of your love to all guests.


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