Potassium deficiency in plants

Potassium deficiency in plants

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Potassium deficiency in plants

Potassium is an element widely present in the life cycle of plants, especially in the synthesis of nutrients and sugars. Therefore the symptoms of potassium deficiency are particularly evident in fruit plants, which in this case produce small, discolored and insipid fruits. The symptoms of potassium deficiency, however, are not limited to the fruits, but are also manifested in the leaves, which initially undergo a yellowing of the edge, a process that also extends to the internal areas of the lamina. The affected leaves tend to curl and eventually necrotize. This happens especially to the older leaves and, in the event that the lack of potassium strikes your lawn, even to the stems of grass. Furthermore there is a reduced lignification of the stem, which does not develop completely, and of the shoots: the plant is thus more easily prey to root rot, pathogenic agents and other diseases. The lack of potassium can be found not only due to the lack of the element, but also due to a too acid ph of the soil which does not facilitate its absorption. The same situation occurs if there is an excess of magnesium in the soil. To overcome these problems, proceed with a fertilization with potassium, recommended above all before the vegetative rest: in this way the correct lignification of the tissues can be allowed. For fruit plants, on the other hand, it is advisable to add potassium to the soil even when the vegetative activity is resumed, in spring, to favor fruit development.


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