What to do after a graft

What to do after a graft

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What to do after a graft

Once it realized the graft and checked the engraftment of the scion your job does not и concluded. For there are some precautions to be taken In order for the scion is optimally developments. First of all, after engraftment you will have to proceed to eliminate the part of the rootstock that is above the graft itself: in some cases you can leave a piece, called hock, which will support the new shoot in its development, otherwise you will have to apply a external support, for example a vegetable straw or plastic. Pay attention that the ligature to the support does not create bottlenecks on the insertion point when it is still tender, so prefer a ligature of 8. Since the new shoot, when it begins to develop, first uses the resources of the scion and then those of the rootstock, it is good to eliminate on both the other competing shoots so that the development of the latter is not affected.


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