The phases of construction of the garden

The phases of construction of the garden

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The phases of construction of the garden

To transform the project realized on paper into the real garden, it is necessary to go through a well defined series of phases. If your idea is to create a rather large garden, it will be useful to have a very precise calendar of actions to be taken, so as to carry out every step in the most suitable period. Cleaning and preparing the place where your garden will come to life can make you evaluate the project according to new perspectives.
Proceed to sort and store stones, stones, bricks and the like and place them where you foresee the construction of walls, or the need for filling material.
As for the arrangement of the plants, leave the plants stronger on embankments and steep edges, to avoid soil erosion. Finally, clean up all existing structures, such as walkways, walls and the like, to check their resistance or the need for repairs. After arranging the site where the garden is to be built, the materials needed to start the work must be defined. It is also important to define a place where these materials can be stored during the works.


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