How to design a shady garden

How to design a shady garden

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How to design a shady garden

If your garden is inserted in small spaces within a built-up area, it is very likely that it will also have shading problems: this condition limits the possibility of choosing the plants to be used to those that love or bear the lack of light.
A garden is completely or almost in the shade or because it is exposed to the north or because it is dominated by tall trees or by buildings, thus receiving the light of the sun only for a few hours or even never. When designing a small garden full of shadows, choose only small trees and preferably deciduous trees, so as to let some sunshine come in winter. Japanese maples, for example, are suitable for the purpose because among other things they do not like full sun. As for the lawn it will be good to use, instead of the turf, small-sized ground cover plants that can effectively cover the ground even if they are not equally walkable.


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