Introduction to garden design

Introduction to garden design

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Introduction to garden design

A correct design of your green space will have to respond to a very precise logic: in fact, the fundamental requirement is that every choice you make will have its own because it is motivated by a series of evaluations.
Therefore it is not enough to pile up a few plants at random, or rely solely on one's taste and intuition. Not all plants in fact have a nice effect in all contexts and one should not think that, in the end, everything can go well. Designing, in fact, means giving the answer to why.
In fact, behind every choice, there is a reasoning that can involve both ecological reflections in the choice of the most suitable species, both aesthetic in the assessment of the surrounding environment and also economic, for example by providing for the maintenance costs of a garden.
The design does not only concern large spaces, but is articulated on various levels: even a balcony, for example, must be designed, what changes are the solutions adopted.


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