How to design a sunny garden

How to design a sunny garden

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How to design a sunny garden

One of the most important factors to consider for the construction of a garden is sun exposure. Sunny gardens are those facing south-west or south but partially covered by curtains, other balconies, etc., places that are in full sun starting from noon. Remember that even the south-east facing areas can be considered as sunny. Usually in these places the shadow is absent starting from noon, consequently the luminous intensity, as in the case of places exposed in full sun, is very high.
For proper plant growth, they should be overshadowed during the hottest hours of the day. In the early hours of the morning these plants develop their foliage, while the afternoon hours, warm and sunny, favor a robust flowering.
Among the most suitable plants for growing in full sun are for example petunia, fuchsia, geranium and verbena. For a correct exposure of the flowers in full sun keep in mind some tricks: do not use plastic pots that overheat quickly, also do not expose to the sun young plants that have not yet developed the natural protection mechanisms. Water abundantly, but if the leaves appear dangling or rolled up, it is a symptom that the water evaporates too quickly: place the plants in the shade.


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