How to evaluate the garden: plans and development

How to evaluate the garden: plans and development

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How to evaluate the garden: plans and development

The first and most important step for the design of a garden is the analysis of the place, in which the existing is noted: the garden, for example, must be related to its own home, so it is necessary to have a floor plan showing the area concerned and the position of the building, making sure that it is a map true to reality. On it we must mark, for example, the presence of already existing plant elements, services and connections such as those of water, electricity, gas and sewage, in addition to accesses and possible routes, to the ports that connect them with the house and the orientation of the site and its slope, without forgetting any noteworthy views. Once you have taken note of what is present, start designing the garden, organizing green areas and spaces in harmony with what is around you. If the surrounding landscape is not very pleasant, make sure that the garden attracts the attention of the viewer through the insertion of points of attraction such as ornamental plants and beautiful furnishings, in any case recall some positive external element, such as the lamps of the lighting or a wall covered with a sarmentosa plant.
On a more practical level, remember to arrange the plants according to four climatic factors: temperature, sunshine, precipitation and wind. A special mention, finally, deserve the plants to be included in your garden, from irrigation to drainage to drainage. The irrigation system will be rainy for the lawn and drip for trees and shrubs. The distance between the sprinklers and all the most minute technical details is best agreed with a specialized operator.
The drainage instead will consist of a series of pipes connected to a drain, while as far as lighting is concerned, follow the criterion both to make the garden livable even at night, and to highlight the most interesting subjects.


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