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Garden sofas

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The advantages

By choosing them, you can give your outdoor space the elegance and comfort of a living room. And in addition, compared to the latter, during your moments of relaxation you will have the advantage of being lulled by the sun or savoring the freshness of the shade under a beautiful gazebo. If you are lucky enough to own a private pool in your garden, what could be better than relaxing on a soft sofa after a swim and a refreshing shower. In short, the garden sofa represents an ideal solution for those who want to enjoy nature, but at the same time they do not want to give up the comforts they find at home. For complete liveability, you can choose to combine it with tables, ottomans and chairs, so you can invite guests for an aperitif with sunset views or have breakfast kissed by the first sun.

The choice of materials

Those who choose to buy a garden sofa have a wide range of possibilities. From the most minimal model to the one that, due to the attention to design and quality of materials, competes with the indoor sofa. The wrought-iron sofas are highly appreciated for their resistance to atmospheric agents (even if in the long run they are at risk of rust) and their very decorative character. They are indicated, in fact, for those looking for a permanent furniture that is essential and delicate, but at the same time elegant. And absolutely recommended for those who live in very windy areas. Thanks to the malleability of the workmanship, it is possible to find countless models, to be personalized with soft and colorful cushions.
Another type that has great success on the market is that of wicker sofas, versatile for the variability of fabrics and easily moved in closed places during the cold seasons. Particularly good is the variant with Polyrattan, a synthetic material whose strength, impermeability, resistance to UV rays and weather events, toxicity, ease of cleaning and 100% recyclability. These sofas are characterized by neutral shades, often declined in shades of gray and brown, and lend themselves very well to furnishing Provencal gardens.
Another material widely used in outdoor furnishing is wood, which fits perfectly with the natural environments of the countryside, but is also suitable for those who want the country atmosphere to bring it even a little in the city. You can choose between light and dark brown, white and black; between the two-seater sofa and the one for three or four people. If you need furniture that is easily movable and washable, there are those in plastic, which you will find in the most varied colors and models. These are perfect, for example, for decorating gardens with swimming pools.

For a touch of originality

To satisfy the most refined tastes, there are the romantic crib sofas, with a sunshade awning that protects from the rays, replacing gazebos and umbrellas. Curtain that can also be found on other wicker models. Another "gem" for dreamers is the cruet sofas, characterized by a high wrought iron structure covered by a curtain closed like a cruet. Alternatively, you can embellish the wood or wrought iron sofa that you already own with special coatings. Such as the elegant white ones that recall the curtains: ideal for decorating gardens during weddings and other outdoor ceremonies. Another way to personalize your sofas and give the impression of constantly changing them is to use different colors and patterns each time, from season to season. Or opt for the modular, made up of many pieces with which you can indulge, creating always different shapes and transforming them into single seats or comfortable beds for an afternoon nap in the open air.

Garden sofas: maintenance

Garden furniture needs great care, perhaps more so than outdoor furniture, as they are exposed to the sun and humidity and therefore more prone to damage. It is good to clean them regularly to prevent dirt from accumulating. This, preferably, using a brush with soft bristles and a mild soap. Special care must be taken with wicker sofas, because the bristles can slip between the woven fibers. Periodically (but especially in late summer and early spring) also use the water flow of a pump to completely wash the cabinet and the cushions and then let them dry in the sun. When you are not using them, you can cover your sofas with those plastic coverings specifically designed to protect garden furniture in the event of particularly adverse weather conditions. In addition, if you have wrought-iron sofas in the garden, apply rust-free sofas to them before winter arrives and, if you find them damaged, repeat the operation at the beginning of summer. Instead, for plastic sofas it is enough to wet the furniture with the barrel and use a mixture of water with detergent and bleach, so as to remove any mold or residues of soil. A few tricks and your "living room under the sky" will be like new and ready to welcome your friends and relatives.
In short, the garden sofas are an excellent idea to transform a large garden or a small piece of land surrounding the house into another living space of your home, where you can spend your free time enjoying the beauty of nature and the healthy effect of 'open air.


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