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Modern furniture

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Modern furniture

Modern furniture means a macro-category of furniture in which other furnishing styles can be highlighted. The modern design differs from the classic one, inspired by past times and by the contemporary one already partly projected into the future and characterized by greater aggressiveness of details. Before the modernist movement, born at the end of the nineteenth century, the accent was placed mainly on the decorative aspects of furniture, and therefore on aesthetics, while with the advent of the modern era, attempts were made to combine the beauty of the lines with the functionality. Modern furniture was characterized by the use of innovative materials, modern manufacturing methods, exoticism, the Bauhaus German school and even Art Nouveau. The nineteenth century, given these premises, was able to completely revolutionize home furniture! Very versatile, this type of furniture lends itself to being easily inserted into different environments: from town houses, to suburban or country houses, from studios to larger houses. Furthermore, due to its sobriety, it can be mixed with other styles to create a unique and original design. You will hardly find boring modern furniture, precisely because of the possibility of varying certain aspects over time, without losing the basic spirit with which it was created.

The spirit of modern furniture

The modern style looks at practicality rather than at the ornamental and affected aspect, using both innovative materials and classic materials, such as wood, which are worked with modern techniques, such as lacquering, for example. The modern furnishings include all the elements of technology capable of supporting comfort and functionality, essential characteristics in this type of furniture. The lines and shapes of the modern style must be simple and calm, free from the weight of the great decorations, perhaps even irregular and asymmetrical, but nevertheless endowed with sweetness and elegance. The decoration can be present, but to a subjective extent and always rather moderate, according to personal tastes, since it does not fit into the distinctive features of this style. The ultimate goal of this furnishing is to create lighter, less bulky environments, able to facilitate daily activities and also room cleaning. According to their inclinations it is possible to create a modern linear style with relaxing features or modern furniture more lively and lively, with the addition of color and personality in the choice of details. Ultimately the liveable space, the order, the brightness, the clean beauty of the essential lines, animate the spirit of the modern home.

materials chosen from the modern style are wood, for example beech, cherry and walnut, with which the furniture frame is generally made, combined with other younger materials such as glass, laminate, plywood and steel. For upholstery, the modern style prefers leather and synthetic materials, for the walls wallpaper, not too showy, or colored plaster. The materials for the floors range from carpet to ceramics, from laminates to parquet.
As for the choice of colors, those most suitable for a modern home, are soft shades such as gray, sand, brown, but also white and black, or if you prefer a more daring and lively touch you can choose colors like lilac, blue, red, orange and yellow, better if contrasted rather than inserted evenly.
The fabrics, which are mainly ornamental, are a feature also present in modern furniture, but they are mainly light fabrics, not heavy, like those of classic furniture, rather veiled fabrics able to make light appear.
Light is another important feature for the modern home, it is not uncommon to find homes with large windows that leave room for natural lighting. The play of light and shadow is fundamental, made with the right curtains. In modern style, mainly chandeliers are used, in addition floor lamps and table lamps, to create additional light points in the room.

The modern piece of furniture has light but decisive shapes, with pleasant lines, yet sober, without the excessive presence of inlays or carvings, typical of the furniture that had characterized the previous eras. Thus you can find glossy or matt lacquered furniture, colored or in neutral tones, airbrushed or screen-printed, according to modern processing techniques. The main objective of these pieces of furniture and to promote comfort and order, for this reason they show a simple aspect, devoid of exaggerations, but capable of satisfying the most varied needs, in terms of space and internal solutions. Basically, in the modern house everything appears bright and luminous, between geometric lines with squared sections and soft lines, arranged in the space in a harmonious way. In the latest generation of furniture you will find furniture that hides almost a magical world, with large spaces hidden from view, transformable parts, retractable tops that can be used in a versatile way. Also with regard to sofas, chairs and armchairs, the design is more or less innovative and bold in the lines, albeit simple, adaptable to any context. The modern furnishing furniture makes the house tidy and elegant, spacious and functional, perfectly livable!


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