Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Strawberry Dessert, its yield

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Strawberry Dessert, its yield

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Gardeners most often give their preference to varieties that are not demanding in care, high-yielding and with an excellent fruit taste. One of these varieties is the Strawberry Dessert tomato.

Description of tomato Strawberry Dessert

Before buying the seeds of a particular tomato, you need to study its description. The first thing that gardeners and gardeners pay attention to is yield. Almost all growers claim that their variety is the most productive. But in reality, this does not always turn out to be true.

Tomatoes of the Strawberry Dessert variety are indeterminate (unlimited growth of the main stem), with an early ripening period. From the moment of emergence to the beginning of the fruiting period, no more than 120 days pass.

Bushes are not standard, tying to a high vertical support is recommended. The trunk can grow up to 1.7 meters in length. It also requires pinching, the formation of a trunk in 1 or 2 stems and the gradual removal of the lower leaves. In August, the top must be pinched two leaves after the formation of the last bunch.

The first reddened tomatoes can be harvested in July. The fruiting period is quite long and lasts until the onset of frost. If the tomato is grown in a heated greenhouse, then ripe fruit can be harvested even in November.

The tomatoes are evenly distributed throughout the plant. This quality of the variety allows to reduce the load on the bush.

In northern latitudes, it is advisable to grow a plant in greenhouses.

The main advantage of the tomato is its high resistance to most diseases, especially to root and apical rot.

Fruit characteristics

The main characteristic of the Strawberry Dessert tomato is the taste of the fruit. As the name suggests, ripe tomatoes taste like "strawberries". Very sweet, high in sugar. The pulp is juicy, tender with a pleasant tomato aroma. The skin is thin. Slight ribbing is present. Great for preparing vegetable summer salads.

Simple type of inflorescence. Up to 9 tomatoes can form on the cyst. The fruits are very large, multi-chambered, with a large number of seeds. The mass of ripe tomatoes can reach up to 300 grams. As it matures, the skin acquires a rich red hue.

Universal use of the fruit. Suitable for making tomato juice, adjika, ketchup and various salads.

The yield is high. More than 10 kg of ripe fruits can be harvested from one bush.

Advantages and disadvantages

The feedback from those farmers who planted Strawberry Dessert is only positive. The taste of mature vegetables is especially praised. It is rare to find a variety with such sweet and juicy fruits.


  • The indisputable advantage of the tomato Strawberry Dessert is the taste of the fruit;
  • Bountiful harvest throughout the season;
  • When planted in a greenhouse, the crop can be harvested until November;
  • Immunity to many diseases (especially fusarium and rot);
  • Versatility in cooking.


  • It is necessary to remove stepsons and lower leaves;
  • Unlimited growth of the main stem;
  • In the northern regions, cultivation is possible only in greenhouses or hotbeds.

How to properly grow tomatoes

Tomatoes of the Strawberry Dessert variety begin to be planted for seedlings in the last days of March. The germination rate of the planting material is high, more than 80%. After the first full-fledged leaf appears on the seedlings, they dive.

Tomato growers note that with additional lighting, the seedlings grow stronger and healthier.

Features of planting seedlings in the soil:

  • Seedlings are planted in a greenhouse in early May, in open ground - in late May or early June (when the threat of night frosts has passed);
  • The distance between the bushes should be at least 40 - 50 cm, between the rows - about 60 cm;
  • It is not advisable to plant plants too close, they will interfere with the formation of ovaries;
  • A week after transplanting, the bushes will need to be tied up.

After the active growing season is over, the tops of the plants need to be pinched. It is important to regularly water the seedlings, apply mineral and organic fertilizers. Especially during the period of growth and formation of ovaries.

Disease prevention

Despite the fact that the Strawberry Dessert variety is immune to major diseases, it is necessary to pay great attention to disease prevention.

Every year, the soil in greenhouses and greenhouses needs to be changed, watered with a solution of potassium permanganate or copper sulfate. Every year the soil in the open ground needs to be dug up, humus or manure must be applied.

The bushes can be regularly sprayed with various bio-preparations with antifungal effect. This will help prevent fungal infections.

Very often during the fruiting period (especially if it rains for a long time or cabbage grows nearby) slugs may appear on tomatoes. They need to be collected by hand. To scare away insects from tomatoes, the bushes can be sprayed with a solution of ammonia.

To prevent the development of root rot, mulch must be added to the soil. You can use peat or straw for this.

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