Instructions for use and mechanism of action of the Healer herbicide, consumption rates

Instructions for use and mechanism of action of the Healer herbicide, consumption rates

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Weeds often appear on garden plots, which negatively affect the development of planted vegetables. Herbicide "Healer" will help to get rid of weeds. Before using this tool, you need to understand its description and familiarize yourself with tips for use.

Composition, purpose and form of release of the drug

"Heeler" refers to a group of post-emergence herbicides that have a systemic effect. It is used to clear perennial or annual weeds from a garden plot or vegetable garden. The product is sold in the form of an emulsion concentrate, which is made from tefuril.

Main pros and cons

"Healer", like many other herbicidal preparations, has many disadvantages and advantages that you need to familiarize yourself with before treating the site. The advantages of the herbicide include:

  • a high level of efficiency even with a low concentration of the active substance;
  • helps to cope with any weeds;
  • is resistant to washing off.

The main disadvantage of this herbicidal composition is considered to be its high cost.

The mechanism of action of the weed control

Before using "Healer" it is necessary to understand how it acts on the sprayed plants. The herbicide components penetrate the weeds immediately after treatment.First, they enter the root system, after which they accumulate in foliage and stems. The drug takes effect within 20-25 minutes after treatment. In weeds, cell division stops, because of which it stops growing and begins to dry out.

Consumption rates for various plants

The amount of drug consumption depends on which plants are grown on the site:

  1. Vegetable crops. Vegetable plants are most often grown in vegetable gardens. To protect them from weeds, you need to use about 350 milliliters of the working mixture.
  2. Cereals. To protect crops from weeds, you will have to use more liquid. In this case, the amount of the required working fluid is doubled.

Preparation and use of working solution

The instructions for its use will help to understand the peculiarities of using the tool.

It is necessary to prepare the working mixture immediately before using it. First, the tank is three-quarters filled with simple water, after which the herbicide is added to the container. The solution is stirred, then another 1-2 liters of water is added to it.

The site is sprayed with working fluid in the evening or sutra so that there is no strong wind. Processing is carried out 1-2 times per season.

Precautions for use

Before using the Healer, you should be familiar with the basic precautions. It is necessary to use the herbicide with protective gloves so that the working mixture does not get on the skin of the hands. It is also necessary to protect your eyes, as contact with the product can provoke burns. To do this, wear special construction gloves that fit snugly to the skin surface.

Toxicity "Heeler"

The herbicide has low toxicity, but despite this, it is dangerous for some plants.For example, it is impossible for the agent to get on plants that are weakened due to exposure to low temperatures. For bees, insects and humans, "Healer" is not dangerous.

Compatibility with other pesticides

Experts advise using the herbicide in tank mixtures along with other products that are designed to control grown weeds. Also, the drug is fully compatible with insecticidal agents that are used to destroy dangerous pests.

Shelf life and storage conditions

It is necessary to store "Healer" in suitable conditions, since only in this case it will not deteriorate quickly. Cool rooms are suitable for storing the herbicidal agent, in which the temperature rarely exceeds ten degrees Celsius.

The working solution is not intended for storage and is therefore used immediately after preparation.

Similar means

If you cannot use the Healer, you will have to use similar means. Popular and effective analogues include:

  • "Lorgnette";
  • "Caribou";
  • "Panther".


Healer is considered to be an effective remedy for getting rid of weeds. Before using the herbicide, you need to familiarize yourself with its description and how to use it correctly.

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