Motion sickness

Motion sickness

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Question: Kinetosis

Hello I would like to know more information about the Tabacum, to treat motion sickness.
When should it be taken? an hour before going to sea or plane? or at that moment?
Is it really useful as they say? so is it like you are taking nicotine? or am I wrong ?
are there better remedies? I need something very strong and effective, is Tabacum okay?
Thank you very much indeed.

Answer: Kinetosis

Dear alfredo,
motion sickness is a neurological disorder that occurs in the case of journeys on vehicles such as cars or ships, but also on rides or in other cases where the body undergoes sudden changes in height, or acceleration and braking; it typically affects children, although it can occur even in adulthood, especially in particularly sensitive individuals, and is often exacerbated by visual stimuli such as reading. The most obvious and annoying symptom is nausea, which lasts for the entire length of the journey, which is often followed by vomiting; but other symptoms may also be present, such as pallor or cold sweat, which certainly contribute to making the travel experience unpleasant or even traumatic. There are various drugs against kinetosis, but they do not always have an effect, and in the case of very young children, the elderly, pregnant women (or in the case of very long journeys, such as a cruise) homeopathic remedies are often preferred, which have fewer side effects . In homeopathy against kinetosis a remedy is used, called Cocculine, which contains four different principles, which together, in synergistic action, guarantee undisturbed journeys, without any symptoms of motion sickness. Against the motion sickness Cocculus indicus, Nux vomica, Petroleuom and Tabacum are used; in particular Tabacum is very effective in removing nausea and pallor. It is generally recommended to take Cocculine the day before the trip, repeating the administration the same day of the trip. In any case, since the kinetosis can manifest itself in different ways, and in some cases it can have very serious symptoms, I suggest you contact a good homeopath, or your family doctor, for advice on the most suitable dosage in your case. Before taking any drug, traditional or homeopathic, or any remedy of any kind, it is always good to have the advice of a professional. Although homeopathic remedies typically have no contraindications of any kind, it is always good to have the advice of a good homeopath , which will help us evaluate the doses and timing of administration.


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