A simple recipe for grape juice at home for the winter

A simple recipe for grape juice at home for the winter

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Berries are very useful for the human body, but it is not always possible to buy grapes in the middle of winter. Therefore, housewives prepare grape juice at home for the winter. Its beneficial properties are in no way inferior to fresh fruit.

The subtleties of cooking

Cooking doesn't take long, especially if you have juicers or juicers at your disposal.

Knowing certain nuances, it is not at all difficult to make it:

  • If you cook from dark and light grapes together, you get a very beautiful, tasty and incredibly aromatic drink.
  • The shorter the heat treatment time, the more vitamins are retained in the liquid.
  • Jars or bottles, lids are sterilized in any convenient way.
  • The juice stands for several months, then settles. The liquid is drained, trying not to mix with the sediment, pasteurized and removed for further storage.

There are practically no subtleties in cooking, so even a beginner can cope with this task.

How to choose grapes for juice

Half of the success depends on the correct choice of fruits. A drink is prepared from any grape variety, including white. The taste and benefits of each are excellent.

Using the best wine varieties, a healthy and tasty juice is obtained. It contains a high content of vitamins and optimal indicators of sweetness and acidity:

  • Selection of berries. The drink is made from ripe juicy berries. Necessarily fresh. The fruits must not be damaged. Rotten specimens significantly spoil the taste of the finished juice.
  • Of the white varieties, the nutmeg variety is more suitable.

Making grape juice at home is not difficult at all. After spending a little time in summer, the whole family will enjoy a healthy drink in winter.

Juicing methods

It is being prepared in different ways. Each housewife, based on personal preferences, chooses the best option for herself.

In a juicer

It is not difficult to prepare a drink using this device, the process is pure pleasure. Since the berry only needs to be washed and put into a container. Fold straight with brushes.

Stir the mass occasionally.

Ready juice, without boiling, is immediately rolled up and stored. Use any available amount of berries, canned without sugar.

From a juicer "Traditional"

Knowing this recipe and having a juicer on hand, making a drink is quick and easy. You will need 5 kg of grapes, water and sugar. The berries are washed, sorted, removed from the brushes and dried. Juice is squeezed out of them, diluted with water in a ratio of 2: 1. Then sugar is added to the liquid. It will need 50 g per liter.

The workpiece is put on fire and brought to a boil. Then it is boiled for 10-15 minutes. Hot poured into prepared containers and put away for storage.

Manual spin

In the event that there are no auxiliary devices at hand, you can make a drink with your own hands. For cooking, be sure to prepare rubber gloves, because grape acid eats hands.

This procurement method is the most laborious of all.

The grapes are washed and the berries are removed from the branches. Put everything in a large container, then crumple the berries with your hands. They try to do this so that none of them remain whole. The resulting mass is filtered through a sieve into another container.

The liquid is poured into jars or bottles, which are not sterilized, and are not filled to the brim. Then they are sent to sterilize, after boiling they boil for 20 minutes. At the end of the time, roll up and wrap up until it cools completely.

Cooking method

In order to make a healthy drink in this way, you need to prepare 5 kg of white grapes, 2 liters of water and 1 kg of sugar. Sort out the berries, add water and put on low heat. After boiling, cook for 30 minutes. When finished, strain into a separate container and add all the sugar there. Bring to a boil again and let cook for 7-10 minutes. Pour it into containers and roll it up. Leave at room temperature to cool completely.

With apples

The combination of grapes with apples is a vitamin complex that is useful for a weakened body in the winter. It is not difficult to prepare it, you will need 1.5 kg of apples, 2.5 kg of grapes.

Juice the main ingredients with a juicer. Mix and bring to a boil, cook for 5 minutes. Pour into prepared jars and roll up. This juice is kept at room temperature and in the cellar.

With pulp

Almost all housewives practice the preparation of a drink with pulp.

Having a juicer at home can greatly facilitate this process.

Wash the berries, sort them thoroughly and pass through a juicer; to preserve a large amount of pulp, use a cone nozzle.

Drain the resulting liquid and put on fire, after boiling, mark for 15 minutes. Hot juice is poured into jars. After complete cooling, they are removed for storage.

How to preserve juice

There are 2 known methods. Each housewife chooses a convenient method of preparing a drink for the winter:

  1. Pasteurization. It is required to squeeze out the juice, pour it into cans and close it with lids. Put to sterilize for 15-25 minutes. depending on the size of the cans. Then they are pulled out and rolled up.
  2. Hot spill. Ready boiled juice must be rolled up as soon as the drink is ready.

Each method has its positive and negative sides, you should not be categorical about one method.

How to store juice

I would like, having prepared the juice for the winter, so that it stands for a long time and does not deteriorate. To do this, it is necessary to strictly observe the recipe and proportions indicated in it. Jars and lids must be sterilized for a long time, then they must be dried.

In the room where the finished product will be stored, there should be no sudden temperature changes, and even more so it should not fall below 0 ⁰С, but it should not be raised above +15 ⁰С.

Relative humidity, not higher than 80%, contributes to the fact that the cans will stand for a long time. Moreover, their contents will not deteriorate due to moisture ingress.

The product does not lose its beneficial properties for 3-5 years.

Making a vitamin drink from grapes is a healthy business. Providing the family with a supply of vitamins for the winter is within the power of every housewife.