Outdoor cabinets

Outdoor cabinets

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The outdoor wardrobes are made of many different materials even if the most used is undoubtedly the wood that combines great resistance to a classic and elegant style.The wooden outdoor cabinets can be of various sizes and made with various woods but all are treated with special varnishes in order to make them resistant to atmospheric agents and often they are also colored and lacquered so as to give that extra touch to the furniture from external.The outdoor cabinets in steel and aluminum represent the most solid and resistant choice for this type of furniture, they can be exposed to rain and the sun without being damaged and last a long time, have a modern and minimalist style and can be combined with other complements furnishings made of the same material.Those who want a functional and economical wardrobe can choose a model made of plastic. This type of wardrobe is very durable and practical, it is very light and easy to move but it has an unattractive aesthetic and is used above all if you prefer utility to beauty.There are also outdoor cabinets made of wicker that are used above all if they are to be placed near furniture of the same material but are often not very resistant and serve mainly as decoration.Models

The models of garden cabinets are many and each one reflects different needs.
In general, the outdoor cabinets have one or more doors according to the size chosen but, if you have space problems, you can opt for the models that have a damper instead of doors and have smaller dimensions
The outdoor cabinets almost always have a high compartment for storing brooms or shovels, and an empty compartment that can be divided according to your needs.
All the outdoor cabinets are available in various colors so that you can choose the preferred color.


Before buying the outdoor wardrobe, you must consider the place where it will be placed so as to choose the right size and material.
If you place it on a balcony or in a hidden place you can opt for a small piece of furniture made of plastic, if you place it in a garden it is preferable to buy it in wood so that it fits well with nature while placing it next to others furniture you should combine it with these so as not to ruin the effect of the interior decor.
The plastic and wicker cabinets are very light so it is advisable, after deciding where to place them, anchor them to the ground or put them in a sheltered place so as not to risk seeing them fly away when they are empty.
All outdoor cabinets should be placed against a wall in order to make them much more stable, and even if all the various materials are weatherproof it is advisable to place them under a roof or under a gazebo.

Outdoor cabinets: Purchase

To buy outdoor cabinets you can go to any gardening and DIY store but if you need a plastic or iron model you can easily find them even in shopping malls where you will surely find lower prices.
The prices of garden cabinets are very varied and depend largely on the size and the material chosen, the most economical cabinets are those made of plastic (their cost starts from thirty euros for smaller models to one hundred euros for large models ) while the most expensive ones are certainly the wooden ones (the price starts at eighty euros and increases for larger and more refined models).


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