Description of the variety of tomato Vineage vine, its characteristics and productivity

Description of the variety of tomato Vineage vine, its characteristics and productivity

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Unusual varieties of crops are grown by summer residents to decorate the site and satisfy curiosity. The vintage vine tomato has an unusual fruit color. In addition, tomatoes are very tasty and easy to care for.

About the variety Vintage vine

Its second name is Vintage wine. For a summer resident who is more experienced in gardening, a description of the manufacturer is not enough. He is looking for detailed characteristics of the variety in order to make the right decision about whether this type of crop is needed on the site.


  • Indeterminate type of structure.
  • Height 1.5-1.8 m.
  • Ripening within 110-120 days.


  • Flat-round shape.
  • Weighing up to 250 g.
  • Color: red with yellow streaks.
  • The density is high.
  • There are few seeds.
  • The taste is sweet.
  • Plucked fruits are stored for 2 weeks.

Planting and caring for plants

Even beginners will not have any difficulties with growing Vinage vine tomatoes. Summer residents are advised to grow tomato crops in a seedling way, so they wait for the harvest faster. Seeds are sown in advance about 50-60 days before planting in a permanent place. The threat of night frosts must be completely avoided.

Seedlings require attention and care, most importantly, observe the light regime, and temperature. Daylight is not less than 14-16 hours a day, the temperature for the first 5 days is + 15-17 ⁰С, the next + 20-22 С.

Watering should be done in moderation and on time, avoiding drying out and waterlogging. Feed with growth stimulants or complex mineral fertilizers.

It is necessary to dive seedlings at phase 2 of this leaf. Planting in separate containers will give more freedom for the development of the root system and a powerful stem.

After the seedlings reach a certain age, they are transferred to a permanent place. The specific dates are determined by the summer resident himself, based on the characteristics of the region of residence. Tomatoes of this variety require a garter to the supports and the formation of 2-3 stems. 1 m2 2 plants are planted.

You need to remove stepsons before they reach 5 cm in length. Because pruning the long shoots will result in lower yields.

They are fed at least 3 times during the season:

  • After 1-2 weeks after the transplant.
  • During budding.
  • During fruit setting.

Loosening retains moisture and provides oxygen to the root system. Weeding will save from the attacks of insects living on weeds.

Advantages of Vinage Vine tomatoes

According to the description of the variety, the species has a lot of positive properties. This criterion significantly influences the adoption of the final choice.


  • Unpretentious and undemanding care.
  • 100% harvesting.
  • Unusual color of tomatoes.
  • Versatility in application.
  • Great taste.
  • High productivity.


  • Short shelf life.
  • Demanding formation and garter.

Whatever the characteristics of a tomato, there is always a summer resident who will appreciate them.

Home cooking

Tomatoes are used for any preparation method, with the exception of whole-fruit canning. Housewives make juices, sauces, ketchups from them. Tomatoes are suitable for canning in chunks. Fresh salads and slices are made with the participation of this vegetable.

What do summer residents say about the Vintage Vine variety?

A novice vegetable grower will trust the reviews of his associates more than a beautiful description of the manufacturer.

Nikolay: “I advise you to grow a Vintage Vine in a greenhouse. In all other respects, the care does not differ from any other variety of tomatoes. Even a beginner can handle it. "

Vadim: “I have been growing it for several years. I am satisfied with the characteristics, I see no point in changing to something else. I will continue to grow the variety in the future. "

Daria: “I love growing unusual types of tomatoes. Vintage vine is one of these varieties. I am satisfied with the taste, with the yield too. I think the only drawback is poor keeping quality. "

Natalya: “I planted these tomatoes on the plot, they are outwardly beautiful, but the taste is ordinary.

Maria: "Delicate in taste, with sourness."

Liana: “The variety is disease resistant. The harvest is stable and abundant. The tomatoes taste great, there are few seeds. I collect my own planting material. "

Galina: “For 4 years I have been planting Vinage vine tomatoes on the plot, both in the greenhouse and in the open field”.

Elena: “A beautiful tomato, tasty and unpretentious. One of the site's favorites. For 3 years I have never been ill with anything. "

All fans of unusual varieties of Vinage vine tomatoes will like their fruit color and undemanding care.

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