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Outdoor lounges

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Outdoor lounges

When we talk about living rooms, we tend to think of furnishing the interior of our home. In reality, the living room is a fundamental element also for outdoor furniture, especially if you have a nice garden at your disposal. The living room helps make the surrounding environment immediately more welcoming, familiar and enveloping. Usually in the living room the whole family gathers in moments of relaxation or meet friends to share moments of serenity together.
On the market it is possible to find different types of living rooms, with different compositions and materials. In choosing it is very important to keep in mind that our living room will be exposed to external atmospheric agents so it is essential to choose resistant and easily washable materials. If the time available for maintenance is limited, the advice is to move towards materials that do not require special attention, for example aluminum or synthetic fiber.
Choosing the type of living room it is possible to opt for a design that reflects the type of furniture in your home or you can orient yourself towards a completely different choice, diversifying the style between the external environment and the internal environment. With the presence of a nice lounge on the outside it will be possible to make the garden area an integral part of our home.

Choice of type

The outdoor living room is one of those elements with which you can mostly play with the compositions even because usually outside you have always available a wider and freer space than the internal one.
The typology of the living room, therefore the design and the composition, will give a strong imprint to your own garden so it is necessary to pay particular attention to the choice. The proposals that are on the market are multiple; you can opt for the classic composition with armchairs and table, or for a more modern choice with elements with more particular shapes. A type that is well suited to any environment and that manages to give a touch of modernity to one's home is the pouf. Squared and essential elements, usable both as chairs and as small tables for a very free composition that adapts to all the needs of the moment.
If you fall into a more classic choice with a table and small armchairs it is good to differentiate the seats, alternating one, two, and three seats according to the space available.
For a more romantic choice, giving your garden a fairy-tale aura, you can opt for canopy sofas. The structure has a significant impact on the surrounding environment so it is good to lighten the composition with light curtains and soft fabrics.

Material selection

Choosing the type, classic or modern, it is essential to dwell on the choice of material, a fundamental element for our outdoor living room to last unchanged over time. Some materials are more delicate, for example wood, if you like the kind it is possible to treat it with special resins that make it water repellent and more resistant to bad weather.
A material that is widely used for outdoor environments is synthetic rattan; It is a robust and washable material which lasts unchanged for many years. Rattan also goes well with other materials, for example with aluminum, another robust and easy to maintain material. Thanks to this combination it will be possible to have a sturdy but at the same time light enough furniture to move.
In the most modern types, fabrics can be chosen. If you choose the poufs, it is important to make sure that the material is removable and water repellent. Cotton fiber is very popular for the outdoors as it is a natural material but at the same time particularly resistant and easy to maintain.
For tables it is possible to choose between different types of coverings. In classic furnishings, a surely effective covering is the one that foresees mosaics or inlays of natural stone polished on the support surface.
In addition to fabrics, the structure of the various elements that make up the living room should not be underestimated. You can opt for treated wood, with a natural and very country look, or for a material with a more modern, light and easy to maintain appearance such as aluminum or stainless steel. For an essential, almost spartan furniture, you can choose a solid iron structure, alternating it with clear seats in soft fabric.
For lovers of natural materials, teak is a much appreciated solution. Teak is a tropical wood, widely used in outdoor furniture thanks to its particular resistance. It is a very sturdy wood but at the same time easy to work so it lends itself well to both classic furniture and more particular design elements.

Choice of colors

The color is the element that completes the decor. It should be chosen with great care having clear ideas about the type of outdoor furniture that you intend to insert. It is possible to opt for neutral colors and therefore blend in with the surrounding elements or totally different colors. For classic furnishings it is generally advisable to stay in neutral shades so that the furnishing elements blend with the surrounding environment. If, on the other hand, the choice involves design furniture with a modern imprint it is possible to opt for more gaudy colors in order to create a clear break between the furnishing element and the surrounding environment.
Returning to the composition of the living room with the poufs, it is possible to play with colors, creating interesting color combinations.

Outdoor lounges: maintenance

The materials chosen for outdoor furnishings are always specific, water repellent, washable and very robust. It is however necessary to make some adjustments so as to make the furniture last as long as possible. It is generally recommended not to expose the living room or other garden elements under direct sunlight; better to repair them with a roof. In case of rain it is a good idea to collect fabric elements, such as cushions. For cleaning it is always advisable not to use too aggressive chemical products, most of the time you can avoid dirt with a microfibre cloth soaked in water.
An outdoor living room can be more or less bulky; during the choice it is important to bear in mind that these furnishings must be stored during the winter period. It is therefore of fundamental importance to have a garage or a safe place where to place the furniture without these being affected too much by humidity and minimum temperatures.


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