Description of the tomato variety Purple candle, its yield and reviews of summer residents

Description of the tomato variety Purple candle, its yield and reviews of summer residents

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Gardeners are actively growing spherical raspberry tomatoes. Tomato Purple candle attracts with its unusual fruit shape. In the garden, the plant looks elegant. Sugar taste and juiciness attract hardworking summer residents.

Why is it necessary to plant?

Breeders of the Aelita agricultural complex suggest growing a Purple Candle in the open field. In the Middle Lane, the maximum yield is obtained when grown in film greenhouses.

Characteristic features of the variety:

  • indeterminate tomato (in open ground, height up to 1.7 m);
  • early ripening period (from loops to tasting 105 days);
  • not inclined to build up green mass;
  • the leaf is bright green, medium-sized;
  • forms 5–6 racemes on each stem;
  • the first brush is formed over the 7th leaf;
  • in a brush up to 12 fruits.

The purple candle overloads itself with fruits: a garter to the support is required. To obtain leveled tomatoes, it is recommended to form a bush into one or two stems.

Competent agricultural technology allows you to get about 8.5 kg / sq. m. Disease resistance is still being studied.

What do berries look like?

Tall bushes are hung with oblong raspberry tomatoes. The beds look decorative: they serve as a decoration for the garden.

Description of tomatoes:

  • dense skin;
  • weight up to 110 g;
  • dessert, sugar taste;
  • 4 chambers with small seeds;
  • juicy pulp;
  • elongated shape with a "drop" at the bottom;
  • size - 12-15 cm;
  • diameter up to 4 cm;
  • bright crimson color;
  • matte, smooth to the touch.

The Purple Candle Tomato is ideal for making assorted whole fruits. The skin prevents the pulp from spreading. The gardeners noted the sweetish taste of the juice and pasta. Substandard tomatoes are used to prepare winter salads.

Harvested unripe fruits ripen quickly in a warm place. Marketability is preserved during transportation.

Secrets of a good harvest

Gardeners know: the yield of tomato purple candle directly depends on the exact observance of the rules of cultivation. Agronomist tips:

  • it takes 2 months to prepare seedlings for planting on ridges;
  • sowing seeds should be March 15–20;
  • the field of regrowth of a real leaf of the plant is cut down to the depth of the cotyledons;
  • the bushes should be sprayed with an anti-stress drug;
  • fertilizer is required for seedlings;
  • it is necessary to harden, ventilate tomatoes;
  • plant in open ground in early June;
  • place in greenhouses after returning cold;
  • add nitrogen to the soil once (in the fall);
  • fill the ridge with mineral complexes before planting;
  • place 3-4 plants in a square place;
  • it is required to feed with nitrogen (once);
  • after planting, the plant should be shaded for 3-4 days;
  • shaping, garter and pinching is required;
  • water in the morning (water should not get on the leaves and stems);
  • mulch the soil with straw, rotten sawdust, non-woven material.

The purple candle is responsive to planting calcium nitrate. Pour a tablespoon into the hole (under each bush). Cover the top with a layer of soil. This will strengthen the plant, accelerate the growth and ripening of fruits.

Gardeners' opinion

Gardeners give positive feedback on the yield of tomato Purple Candle. They noticed: to get 8.5 kg / sq. sugar tomatoes need to form a plant in 1-2 stems, regularly remove stepchildren. Clarification of the plant to a ripening brush accelerates the ripening of tomatoes.

Summer residents like transportability, keeping quality for 2 weeks. The decorativeness of plants is attractive in color and taste. The fruits are used in salads, canned whole.

Seed germination was positively assessed: almost 100%. Subject to the rules of cultivation, seedlings are not pulled out.

One drawback was revealed: it is difficult to cover the plants planted in open ground during a cold snap.

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