Description of the tomato variety Pink helmet, its characteristics

Description of the tomato variety Pink helmet, its characteristics

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Tomato "Pink helmet" is a mid-early semi-determinant high-yielding tomato variety intended for growing in open ground and in greenhouse conditions.

Growing features

The plant can grow up to 1.5-2 meters in height. Needs to be tied to a support and pinned to the first flower cluster. It is recommended to form a bush in 2 stems.

Sowing seedlings of the variety is advised to be done in March-April 50-60 days before planting in the ground. The seeds germinate at a temperature of about 24˚C. No more than 4 plants are planted per square meter of the site. The first ripe fruits of the Pink Helmet tomato can be harvested in July.

Variety care includes the following activities:

  • Regular watering with warm water (best before sunset);
  • Timely weed removal;
  • Top dressing with complex mineral fertilizers;
  • Treatment to protect against diseases and pests.

Fruit characteristics

Tomatoes "Pink Helmet" at the stage of maturity are pink or pink-red in color, large, resemble a heart in shape. The surface is smooth, glossy. Tomatoes are distinguished by excellent taste: they are juicy, fleshy, and sugary.

Perfect for fresh consumption, as well as for pickling, making sauces, juices, lecho and other types of processing.

A distinctive feature of the variety is that large fruits grow even at the top of the bush.


There are several positive features that distinguish Pink Helmet from some other varieties. These include:

  • High and stable yield;
  • Good fruit setting;
  • Large-fruited;
  • Long shelf life;
  • Resistant to fusarium, verticillium and apical rot;
  • Versatility of use.

There were no cons of the variety.


Perhaps today it is impossible to find a tomato that experienced gardeners would not have written a couple of lines about. The Pink Helmet is no exception. Therefore, if you are interested in this variety, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with several opinions of summer residents about it.

  • Decent tomato. The tomatoes were large - 500-600 g, especially the first ones. The bush, however, was a little weak, and did not grow up to one and a half meters. Grew in 2 stems. In appearance, the fruits are very beautiful, similar to a helmet, hence the name. (Ksenia Igorevna, Kostroma)
  • I learned about the tomato "Pink Helmet" from a friend. She described to me the characteristics of the variety, told me about a good yield - 8 kg per bush. The tomato is really good, but my results were a little more modest. It's all about experience, I guess. By the way, in the middle lane "Pink Helmet" is suitable only for the greenhouse. Will not grow on the street. (Varvara Andreevna, Kirov region, Slobodskoy)
  • The cultivation of this variety brought me great pleasure. I can only leave rave reviews about it. First, it is completely unpretentious. Secondly, it gives an excellent harvest, subject to the basic rules of agricultural technology. Thirdly, the pickles are simply divine. Added the best varieties to the piggy bank. (Valeria Vyacheslavovna, Moscow region, Dolgoprudny)

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