Resin planters

Resin planters

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Resin planters

Resin planters are very useful containers because they allow the invasion of a greater number of flowers, we can find them at a modest price and for all tastes.
The network, thanks to its frequent level of growth and the innumerable realization of products sold in specialized shops, put on the market a vast range of products at very affordable prices.
The resin planters however, they have a characteristic that differentiates them from normal garden pots: square, elongated and rectangular shapes; more space and easier to handle than normal vases.

This type of vase is very convenient from various points of view: resistance, aesthetic beauty and adaptable to any environment.The resin of which they are composed was created with the use of chemical or natural polymers, in fact, we can note that they are a sort of cross between the typical plastic (simplicity) and terracotta vases (compactness and resistance). All this gives the product a greater resistance both to the high temperatures of the internal environments and to the fire: these planters are fireproof. Before buying them we must carefully choose the color, so as to create a general harmony between the planters themselves and the environment in which we decide to put them. It is very useful to know that we can fix them or expose them directly to atmospheric agents (rain, wind, sun) without suffering discoloration or other inconveniences, both aesthetic and functional.The only characteristic that does not belong to these fantastic planters is their biodegradability, in fact, after their wear, it is not convenient to leave them in our garden as we did instead, with the traditional ones in terracotta and / or wood.The maintenance

Thanks to the resistance to atmospheric agents and to the size of the planters, there is no need to take complicated precautions. It is very useful and convenient to clean the inside before use; this action is accomplished simply by using a damp cloth, designed to eliminate any residues or dust that can create problems for the flowers themselves.
Secondly, it is very convenient to buy products with a double bottom: a sort of internal saucer that separates the section in which the soil is located from that in which the water is located. The pots provided with this structure are very useful both for internal use and for the garden because, when the flowers need water, they absorb it quietly from the reserve, when the soil is wet, the reserve does not let water flow and thus the root rot is also avoided.
Besides buying small tricks, it is not necessary to take any other precaution and, already from this we can perceive the convenience in buying resin planters, to keep our flowers in order without having to take up too much space.


Regarding the choice of buying resin planters, we can buy them of any size, size, shape and for any place (garden, balcony, terrace, interior, etc.). As for rectangular resin planters, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, we can choose between colors: cardinal red, white and smoky gray; the dimensions are around 40x40x100 centimeters. Another type has dimensions of about 43x43x100 centimeters, it is always elongated but with rounded corners; its roundness, available either white pearl or dove gray, are easily adaptable to both indoor and outdoor locations.
Some planters can be purchased by choosing from the following colors: taupe, chocolate brown, anthracite, white and ivory. The presence of angular corners gives these planters hardness and modernity, elements that can be adapted both to interiors and to gardens, etc .; finally, we have a choice of three sizes: 70.80 and 100 centimeters, so as to create a bit of natural vitality everywhere, we want it.
Choosing from white, chocolate brown, ivory, anthracite and with dimensions of seventy or ninety centimeters, we can buy a resistant resin planter that has a shape that refers to the typical oriental tubs.
If instead we want to buy something smaller, with only fifty centimeters in size, we will be able to take home our mini planters of the chosen color (Sienna, white, smoky gray and anthracite) to be placed on our staircase or mini balcony. We can find some products of inferior dimensions and various forms, in such a way as to be placed anywhere, we desire (40, thirty centimeters, etc.).
For those who love white and light lines, we can buy resin planters with rounded corners, suitable for both indoors and outdoors, since they are resistant to atmospheric agents and the typical heat of domestic environments.
Finally, if we live in restricted places and still want to give a touch of vitality, we can buy corner or wall-mounted resin planters. The colors available for both types are: white, smoky gray, Sienna and anthracite. While, as far as dimensions are concerned, wall-mounted ones have a size of 40 centimeters; instead the angular ones we can find of 70.80 and 90 centimeters.
The types of products mentioned above are just some of the many that we can find on the net or in specialized shops. As far as prices are concerned, they are not too high because we have to take into account the fact that these products have a long life span.
In other words, it is very advisable to buy this type of pots, both in terms of price, durability, materials used, resistance to atmospheric agents and their characteristics that make them fireproof and positionable wherever we wish (scale, garden, indoor environment, balcony, terrace etc.)


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