TOP 9 recipes for cooking peach puree for the winter at home

TOP 9 recipes for cooking peach puree for the winter at home

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You can talk endlessly about the health benefits of peach. Pediatricians recommend including it in the diet of infants as the first complementary food. And fresh peach puree, or cooked for the winter, is eaten with pleasure by both adults and children. This fruit is so noble that any preparation from it turns out to be incredibly tasty. In cooking, peach puree is used as a fragrant filling, and peach oil is widely used in medicine.

Features of making mashed peaches for the winter

Of course, homemade food is considered healthier than store-bought food. Peach puree is no exception, which is not difficult to prepare if you know some of the principles.

The skin of peaches is velvety, tender, evenly ruddy, but it is not suitable for mashed potatoes. To make the dish homogeneous, the peel is removed, otherwise it will make the mashed potatoes rough, and the kids will refuse to eat it altogether. Also, sugar cannot be used if the dish is assigned to a child, and rolled up jars of mashed potatoes must be sterilized in boiling water or an oven.

It is important to remember! Pieces of skin, once in the baby's esophagus, will keep him away from taking fruit purees for a long time.

Selection and preparation of products

In order to end up with a quality peach dish, the fruits must be ripe, but not very soft. Peaches often look appetizing, ruddy, while the pulp can be unripe or overripe.

For harvesting for the winter, you cannot use damaged fruits with various dents, because there is no guarantee that the peach has not been chemically treated. So, having chosen dense, ripe peaches, they are thoroughly washed and then dried on paper towels. Even if the peel has to be removed, this procedure cannot be skipped.

How to prepare containers for the start of the process

Banks should be soaked in water for half an hour, then rinsed thoroughly under running water.

Attention! Do not use dishwashing detergents as they leave deposits. Soda or regular laundry soap will do better than others.

Put washed glass jars in a cold electric oven and turn on the heating to 150 degrees. Turn off after fifteen minutes, the banks will dry out and heat up during this period. At the same time, they are filled with peach puree.

Another method is water sterilization. Put a soft cloth on the bottom of the pan, put the container upside down, pour water and turn on the fire. Remove the balloon ten minutes after boiling. The lids are boiled in water for about ten minutes.

How to make peach puree

Each housewife prepares this dish in her own way. Someone likes to pass fruit through a meat grinder, someone chops them finely or uses a blender. There is a way where sugar is not used, sterilization is not needed, and so on. In any case, it will be tasty and aromatic.

The easiest recipe

For two kilograms of peaches, you need half a liter of water. The fruits are thoroughly washed, poured with boiling water and left for a minute. The boiling water is drained, the fruits are placed in cold water. Remove the skin and bone, cut it, add water and put it on fire.

After boiling, cook for another ten minutes. Grind with a blender and pour hot into sterilized jars. Each jar is sterilized again, rolled up with a lid, turned upside down, wrapped in a blanket and left to cool. Store in a cool place.

With apples

For six kilograms of apples, you need a kilogram of peaches and two hundred grams of sugar. Applesauce is prepared separately and peach puree is prepared separately. Apples are washed, peeled and pitted, cut, placed in a saucepan with a thick bottom and put on low heat.

To prevent them from burning, pour a little water. With the help of a crush, fruits are crumpled and passed through a sieve.

Peaches are processed, boiled and passed through a sieve. Then both mashed potatoes are mixed, sugar is added and put on fire. Boil for ten minutes. It remains only to fill the container, sterilize and store in a dark, cool place, for example, in a cellar.

Without sterilization

To prevent peach puree cooked for the winter from spoiling without sterilization, you will need citric acid for the recipe. The fruit preparation process is the same as above.

For a kilogram of peaches, you need a teaspoon of citric acid and two glasses (four hundred grams) of granulated sugar.

After the fruit has boiled, sugar is added, brought to a boil and after ten minutes citric acid is thrown. Poured into jars, closed tightly with a lid, turned over and wrapped in a warm blanket.


Ripe fruits without dents are carefully selected in the recipe. The peaches are washed, chopped, peeled, placed in a saucepan and a little water is added. Put on a slow fire. Cook until the amount of food is halved. After boiling, they are removed, poured into hot jars, rolled up with a typewriter and wrapped in a blanket.

Without cooking

The fruits are washed, peeled and pitted, cut, chopped in a blender or meat grinder. Add granulated sugar. The proportions of fruit and sugar are one to one.

When the sugar dissolves, the peach puree is poured into sterilized jars and rolled up. In winter, it will take a worthy place among other sweet preparations.

With vanilla

The recipe differs from others only in the presence of vanillin. For a kilogram of peaches, you need two hundred grams of sugar, one hundred grams of water and a pack of vanillin. The taste is unusual, rich. The finished puree is used as a filling for pies.

Multicooker recipe

You will need five hundred grams of peeled fruit, one hundred grams of water and five grams of fructose. The fruits are finely chopped. Put in a slow cooker, pour water, fructose, stir and cover with a lid. Turn on for twenty minutes. Poured into containers and stored in a cool place.

Peach puree for baby

For babies, ripe, dense fruits are used. No sugar is added. The fruits are thoroughly pre-processed several times. Boiled for more than ten minutes, poured into hot sterilized jars, sterilized, wrapped in a blanket. Store in the refrigerator, especially in an open jar.

In the microwave

A microwave will help to prepare peach puree for the winter for babies. Take one fruit, wash it, remove the seeds and put it cut down on a plate.

Put in the microwave, choose the highest power and turn on for ten minutes.

Take out the peach, peel it, grind it in a blender. In this form, it can be given to babies or put in a glass sterilized container and sterilized again. Keep refrigerated.

With sterilization

Children need to sterilize peach puree. This recipe is no different from the simplest peach puree recipe. Only the place and shelf life of the finished product are different. It cannot be kept in the cellar for more than a year; it is better to store it in the refrigerator.

How to store the finished product correctly?

If the dish contains sugar, then it is kept in a cool place for up to ten months. If there is no sugar, then the shelf life is reduced to three months. Fruit puree for babies is best kept in the refrigerator for a month.

A sweet dish made from peach fruit and sugar also has a shelf life of about thirty days.

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