Wooden garden furniture

Wooden garden furniture

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"width =" 375 "height =" 375 "longdesc =" / garden-furniture / outdoor-accessories / garden-furniture-in-legno.asp ">The garden furniture can be made in various types of wood, one of the most used woods is the teak that comes from a tropical plant and is naturally water repellent so it can be exposed to bad weather without being damaged, it is very resistant and very heavy for which , a piece of furniture made of this material must be thought of as a fixed piece of furniture and difficult to move in case of need.For the realization of the tables and chairs, solid wood (very resistant and precious) and chipboard (very cheap and not resistant to rain) are also used.If you prefer a very particular and elegant furnishing you can choose furniture made of rattan, this wood comes from a tropical palm tree and looks like a woven net, it is easy to work so the furniture of this material has sinuous shapes and is resistant to bumps and scratches, it resists weathering and can be left outdoors without being damaged. It is also very light so all the furniture can be moved easily.Choice of furniture

To furnish an entire garden, you need various pieces of furniture and to choose them you first need to establish how much space we have available so as not to buy too many pieces of furniture and load the aesthetics of the garden.
We divide the garden into zones and for each one we choose the right furniture trying to match the materials and styles of the different areas between them.
For the dining area we buy a table and chairs, choose a size that can accommodate all the people we usually host and, if we have little space, we can buy an extendable model or a folding table to be used only when we need it and, in addition to the chairs to be placed around the table, let us also get some folding chairs to use in case of unexpected guests. The best wood for this type of furniture is, without a doubt, teak.
For the relaxation area we can buy a living room already complete or a sofa and armchairs to combine with each other, often also adding a small table where you can put the magazines or where to have coffee. Also for this kind of furniture the best wood is teak but the most characteristic and scenographic is rattan.
To complete the decor you can add a gazebo to create a shaded area under which you can place the living room.
Don't forget a wooden garden cupboard where you can store all your gardening tools.

Wooden garden furniture: Purchase and maintenance

Wood is a natural material and, even if it is treated with special products that make it suitable for outdoor use before the sale, it needs some minor maintenance because, periodically, it should be checked and retracted to keep its weather resistance intact. keep beautiful for a long time.
It is also advisable to cover wooden furniture with a cloth in the cold season or place it in a covered or sheltered area (for example under a roof or under a veranda).
The only woods that do not need any special care are only teak and rattan which are not treated as they are already resistant in origin.
For the purchase you can go to a store specialized in selling garden furniture where you can find all the various types of furniture you need and you can choose from a wide range of colors available but, if you want to buy cheaper furniture, you can find some good offers in various shopping centers and DIY stores.


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