A simple step-by-step recipe for making nectarine jam for the winter

A simple step-by-step recipe for making nectarine jam for the winter

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The nectarine that appeared as a result of natural crossing, although it belongs to the peach subspecies, differs from the closest relative in its denser pulp, the absence of hairs on the skin. Smooth and tender fruits are rich in sugar, vitamins, antioxidants. Even when used to make jam for the winter, a simple recipe from nectarine turns out a delicacy with an amazing aroma and thick consistency. Pancakes are stuffed with dessert, pies are stuffed, cakes are coated.

Peculiarities of making jam from nectarines

It is possible to cook jelly from exotic fruits using the classical method. After removing the seeds, the fruit is crushed into pieces and covered with sugar. When the nectarines release juice, the mass is sent to the stove and jam is cooked, stirring constantly with a spoon or spatula, otherwise the mixture will stick to the bottom of the bowl or saucepan.

With the advent of modern home appliances, the process of harvesting fruits is somewhat easier. The nectarines are simply chopped and placed in a multicooker bowl covered with a layer of non-stick material. When choosing the stewing mode, the boiling mass does not flow out of the dishes, does not overheat, does not stick to the walls and bottom of the multicooker bowl.

Selection and preparation of fruits

Jam is made from ripe and soft nectarines, unripe and rotten fruits are removed during sorting, and the selected fruits are washed under running water.

To extract the seeds, the nectarines are halved or chopped into slices.

For making jam, the smooth skin is not trimmed. If the fruits are hard due to the fact that they did not have time to fully ripen, they are thrown into boiling water, and then into cool water, and the skin easily falls off.

Nectarines go well with tangerines and apples, combined with lemons, coffee gives the dessert a spicy aroma.

How to prepare containers correctly?

Jam, like jam, is transferred to small glass jars. Containers without chips and cracks are thoroughly washed with water, soda, mustard and dried. For disinfection from fungi and bacteria, containers are sterilized by choosing one of the following methods:

  • in a kettle over steam;
  • in the microwave;
  • in the oven;
  • in a slow cooker.

Banks with a volume of 0.5 liters are boiled for 5 minutes, 1 liter - 10. Disinfected containers are filled with hot fruit mass.

Cooking methods

Some women in the old fashioned way make jams from berries and fruits for filling pancakes and pastries in a bowl on the stove, as their mothers and grandmothers did, others prefer to use modern household appliances.

A simple recipe for the winter

To cook nectarine jam using traditional technology without additives, take a kilogram of sugar, which is used as a preservative, and the same amount of fruits:

  1. The fruits are chopped into pieces about 20 mm in size.
  2. Nectarines are transferred to a saucepan, sugar is poured on top.
  3. When juice appears in the container, transfer it to the stove and turn on the fire.
  4. After boiling, boil, stirring occasionally, until drops of jam begin to thicken on a saucer.

The hot workpiece is poured into sterile dishes, hermetically sealed. The cooled jars are placed in the pantry or in the refrigerator.

Multicooker option

Women who don't have the patience to stand over the stove stirring the boiling mass replace the metal pan with a slow cooker. Sugar and nectarines are taken in the same proportion.

To brighten the flavor of the jam, add a packet of vanillin.

The fruits are crushed into pieces, sent to a non-stick bowl. To quickly release the liquid, the fruit is covered with sugar and left for a couple of hours. The resulting juice is diluted with vanilla, mixed with nectarines. Select the stewing mode in the device, cook the fruit mass by removing the lid of the bowl. After the sound signal, the boiling jam is sent to sterile jars. If the liquid starts to seep, the container is rolled up with a new disinfected lid.

A fragrant and tasty assortment is obtained by using different fruits. For its preparation, it is taken:

  • a kilogram of nectarines and pears;
  • 900 g of tangerines or oranges;
  • 2 lemons;
  • sugar 1.5 kg.

Citrus fruits are peeled. Peel the pears, beat with a blender in mashed potatoes, in which they spread nectarines, cut into pieces, and cubes of oranges.

A container with a mass is sent to a gas stove, fruits are combined with 3 glasses of sugar. Peel off the lemon, squeeze out the juice, grind the zest.

Pour 200 ml of water into a small bowl, put it on the fire, after boiling pour sugar, boil the syrup with juice and zest for 5 or 6 minutes, mix with fruit mass, cook jam for an hour.

How to properly store nectarine jam

Sterile jars filled with hot exotic fruit treats are turned over to check for leaks, and then taken to the cellar or basement. In a cool room, fruit jam or confiture does not spoil, retains its aroma and taste for at least 2 years.

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