Names and descriptions of the best furry chicken breeds, their content and how to choose

Names and descriptions of the best furry chicken breeds, their content and how to choose

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Fluffy chicken breeds stand out for their original appearance. A distinctive feature of birds is considered to be high frost resistance. Moreover, they have certain cultivation characteristics. In order for the chickens to grow well and not get sick, it is recommended that they provide the correct diet and suitable conditions in the poultry house. It is also worthwhile to vaccinate birds in a timely manner.


Today there are more than 800 chicken breeds that belong to different areas of productivity. Some birds give a lot of eggs, while others are actively increasing their mass. Ornamental breeds are also very popular. Such birds are also considered productive, but in terms of weight gain and egg production, they are inferior to other breeds.

Downy chickens with shaggy legs can hardly be called rare. The first attempts of scientists to breed birds were recorded in the nineteenth century. Today, farmers breed a total of over 100 original chicken breeds. A third of them are distinguished by shaggy paws. At the same time, it is worth choosing a breed taking into account the climate.

Features of shaggy rocks

Already from the name it is clear what is the key difference between shaggy breeds. Their main feature is considered to be fluffy pants on the legs. In many species of birds, the metatarsus are bare, and in the shaggy ones there are many feathers on them. Due to this, they look very funny.

Among uphill-footed chickens, there are birds of ordinary size and miniature birds. They differ in origin. Such breeds were bred in Turkey, China, France. Russian breed lines are perfect for growing in harsh climates.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages of hairy chickens vary by breed. The universal advantages include the following:

  • attractive appearance;
  • frost resistance;
  • unpretentiousness to conditions of detention;
  • useful properties of eggs and meat.

At the same time, decorative birds also differ in some disadvantages. These include the following:

  • not very good productivity;
  • high cost of hatching eggs and birds.

Popular types

Shaggy chickens are distinguished by their original appearance. These include many varieties. Each of them is characterized by certain features.


Chickens of this breed are considered very stately. It was based on the genes of the Pavlovskaya and Orlovskaya breeds. Ushanka is distinguished by its light brown plumage. The limbs are covered with small feathers. A beard is located under the beak. Due to its lush plumage, a small chicken seems huge. The females weigh 2.5 kilograms, the males weigh 3 kilograms.

The head is decorated with a beautiful neat scallop. The birds are characterized by a strong beak. Sideburns are considered a distinctive feature. The chicken begins to lay eggs at 6 months. Annual productivity parameters reach 160 pieces.

The breed does not require specific keeping conditions. Birds of this species are covered with a large number of feathers. It is recommended to systematically carry out preventive treatment to avoid parasite infestation of birds.

Chickens dominant

These birds are large in size. Adult roosters can grow up to 3 kilograms. Males are light in color, and females are darker. Birds of this breed are considered unpretentious and hardy.

At the same time, birds are distinguished by a squat body and tight-fitting wings. The earrings and scallop have a deep red tint. The short legs are yellow in color. The egg production parameters are considered high and reach 310 large eggs per year.


These birds are popular all over the world. They have many advantages. These include strong immunity and excellent endurance. The birds are distinguished by their unpretentious maintenance and average productivity parameters.

Thick plumage is located on the legs of these birds. Feathered belong to the meat and egg breed. Egg production parameters reach 140 pieces per year. The eggs are white and covered with dark dots. A chicken carcass weighs from 3.5 to 5 kilograms. The meat stands out for its excellent taste and slight rigidity, which is not typical for most domestic chickens.

Chinese silk chicken

This shaggy chicken has a unique appearance. Her entire body is covered with fluffy plumage that sticks up. Therefore, birds are usually bred for decorative purposes. At the same time, many experts claim that their meat has medicinal properties and benefits the human body.

This chicken is characterized by grayish meat and black bones. It has a relatively low productivity, which reaches 100 eggs per year. They are mainly used for breeding chicks.

Chicken is distinguished by unpretentiousness in food and perfectly tolerates cold weather. Birds practically do not know how to fly, therefore they are not able to reach high perches. A distinctive feature is the delicate plumage, which is periodically recommended to be cleaned.


These birds have a decorative appearance. In addition, they are undemanding to feed, produce a lot of eggs in winter, and do not require long walking. Also birds gain weight well.

At the same time, the breed is also characterized by certain disadvantages. The main disadvantage is the high cost. In addition, slow maturation of chicks remains a breed characteristic.

These birds are massive in size. Therefore, they are classified as meat. The birds are characterized by a small head and protruding eyes. The head is decorated with a rough scarlet tuft. The plumage can have a different shade. There are black, white, brown birds. There are also two-colored chickens.


It is a rare species that is difficult to breed. It was obtained on the basis of the Russian breed of Pavlovsk chickens. The birds are characterized by a lush crest and beautiful white feathers, which make chickens very elegant.

The bird has brownish-red eyes and a horn-shaped comb. Chickens are characterized by a short body and a large belly. It gradually develops into medium sized wings. The tail is magnificently extended in height. Chickens are more rounded than males. They are not characterized by high productivity. Chickens produce no more than 60 eggs annually. Moreover, the weight of the carcass does not exceed 2 kilograms.

Pavlovsk breed of chickens

This is one of the oldest breeds, which was obtained in the village of Pavlovo, located near Nizhny Novgorod. This happened back in the seventeenth century. The birds are characterized by the original color of the plumage. Pavlovsk chickens are used to obtain eggs. Every year they produce 170 eggs weighing 60 grams. Chickens weigh 2-2.5 kilograms. In terms of body shape, birds are a bit like pheasants. Roosters of this breed have a quick temper and love to fight.

Pavlovsk chickens are often used to obtain new species, as well as to participate in all kinds of competitions and exhibitions.


These birds have excellent decorative properties. They are characterized by an elongated body and a dense neck. Also, birds are distinguished by a raised tail. Chickens are characterized by a powerful beak, a raised fifth toe and a slightly flattened head.

The birds have lush gray feathers. It is possible to get an excellent broth from meat, which has excellent taste.

Siberian Uplands

These birds are distinguished by high egg production. It can reach 180 eggs per year. The carcass is of medium size and weighs 2.5-3.5 kilograms. Also, eggs are characterized by high fertility. It is easy to care for these chickens. Birds of this breed have a long and thick beard. The head is decorated with a small comb, which is practically invisible under the tuft. Shaggy plumage protects birds from severe frosts.

Which one is better to choose?

When choosing a specific breed, it is recommended to take into account the climatic conditions of the region. It is worth remembering the tasks that the poultry farmer sets for himself. Fluffy chickens can be meat, egg or mixed. Some farmers even breed birds for decorative purposes.

The specifics of maintenance and care

Most breeds of fluffy chickens are unpretentious to care. For their cultivation to be successful, it is recommended to follow these rules:

  • provide a spacious poultry house;
  • make low perches;
  • organize a place for walking.

The rest of the criteria differ depending on the breed. The basis of the diet should be cereals. Be sure to give the birds vitamins and minerals. In the summer, they should be given free access to greenery.

Fluffy chickens are very popular with farmers. They are distinguished by their attractive appearance and high productivity. For bird breeding to be successful, they need to provide quality care.

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