TOP 7 recipes for cooking Serbian baked peppers for the winter

TOP 7 recipes for cooking Serbian baked peppers for the winter

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Serbian baked pepper is a traditional preparation for the winter. Its second name is baked paprika. Serbs start harvesting pepper in August or September, buying meaty and juicy vegetables from the markets. Various festive and everyday dishes are prepared from it. According to the recipe, the vegetable is baked before pickling to remove the peel from it. Baked peppers are usually eaten in fasting or as a cold snack for alcohol.

Delicious preparation of baked peppers in Serbian style - decoration of your table

Serbs use this preparation as a side dish or add to salads and first courses.

Required ingredients for the dish

The main components of any recipe for making paprika are the vegetable itself, garlic and vegetable oil.

Recipes and step-by-step instructions for cooking

The basis of any recipe with paprika includes bell peppers, which must be cooked correctly..

To do this, you need to burn all the vegetables on the stove, fire or in the oven to a black crust. This will give the peppers a smoky flavor and aroma. Burnt skin needs to be peeled.

Basic rules for cooking in the oven

If you use an oven in cooking, then you need to heat it up to 200 degrees and turn on the grill and convection mode. The paprika should be laid out on a wire rack preheated to a temperature similar to that of the oven. You should put a baking sheet under the peppers, as they burst during cooking and release juice. After 20-30 minutes, it is recommended to remove the paprika using kitchen tongs and put in an airtight container or bag for 10-15 minutes. After that, you should remove the peel from the vegetables. They can be used in further cooking.

Sterilization of baked paprika

For the best preservation of this seaming, it must be sterilized at a temperature of 100 ° C for 1 hour (for half liter cans - 45 minutes). Also, in recipes that use oil, it must be calcined and cooled to 65-70 ° C.

Classic Baked Bell Peppers

The classic recipe for a baked dish for 1 liter jar includes:

  • 1.3-1.5 kilograms of pepper;
  • 4 tablespoons of salt;
  • 150-170 milliliters of sunflower or olive oil.

For this recipe, vegetables do not need to be peeled from seeds and tails. Peppers are required to be placed in clean jars, sprinkling with salt between layers. After cooling the oil, pour it into a jar with the contents and sterilize.

In oil with garlic

To make baked paprika with garlic you need:

  • 2 kilograms of pepper;
  • 3-4 cloves of garlic;
  • 1 bunch of parsley;
  • 5 grams of salt;
  • 5 grams of sugar;
  • 5 teaspoons of 9% vinegar;
  • 200 milliliters of oil.

After peeling vegetables from the peel, you need to mix them with chopped garlic, herbs, oil and spices. After that, the mixture is recommended to be mixed and sterilized.

Marinated with filling

To prepare pickled peppers with filling you need:

  • eggplant;
  • tomatoes;
  • cilantro;
  • dill;
  • salt.

Eggplants need to be baked in the same way as peppers and put in salt water. After that, peel them off and let the juice drain. This will remove unnecessary bitterness. Next, it is recommended to peel the paprika from the inside, cut the eggplants and tomatoes, stuff the fruits and marinate under oil.

Sterilize before seaming.

Without sterilization

Basic rules for preparing a baked dish without sterilization:

  1. In recipes with vinegar, its content should be increased by 2-3 times.
  2. It is recommended to rinse jars using soda.
  3. For 1 liter jar, you can add 1 aspirin tablet. This will increase the storage time.
  4. Before marinating, vegetables need to be poured 3 times, and at the end add spices.

Frozen baked peppers for the winter

To preserve baked vegetables for the winter without preservation, they need to be cleaned of the tail and seeds, remove excess moisture and put in an airtight container or bag in the freezer.

Making a salad with baked pepper

To prepare baked pepper salad you will need:

  • 100 grams of paprika;
  • 1 tomato;
  • 1 pickled and 1 fresh cucumber;
  • 1 small onion (or half a large one);
  • 10 milliliters of olive oil;
  • basil, scallions and parsley;
  • salt and red pepper to taste.

All ingredients should be crushed into large pieces, and the greens - into small pieces. Cut the onion into half rings and mash.

After that, it is recommended to add spices, olive oil and stir the ingredients.

Helpful hints and tips

Choose a large and fleshy fruit without damage or rot. His skin should be bright and free of spots.

When rolling, the stalk may not be removed.

Rules and shelf life

It is recommended to store the rolls in a cool dry place. This seaming can take up to 4 years, but the covers should be carefully checked for rust. Also, in order to avoid rotting, it is recommended to wrap the jars on top with a bag or oiled paper.

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