Water the viburnum

Water the viburnum

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Question: how much to water a viburnum

Would you like a tip for courtesy, does the Viburnum plant need much or little water? A suggestion for his watering. Thank you.

Water the viburnum: Answer: water the viburnum

Dear Thomas,
There are so many varieties of viburnum, in particular the most cultivated in Italian gardens is the viburnum vat, an evergreen shrub, resistant and vigorous, which tends over the years to become a low maintenance plant. It is a very widespread plant in the Mediterranean area, even in its natural state, which tolerates long, dry summers, and also cold winters, including frost, with temperatures close to -15 ° C. The amount of water needed by this plant is not unique, it depends on where you placed it, where you live, how long it has been planted. A young viburnum vat, planted in pot or in the ground, in the first months of life will need to be watered only when the soil is dry, or once a month or less in winter, once a week in spring, and by spring forwarded until the end of August may need to be watered every 2-3 days, especially if it is in pot and is in full sun. These plants can survive without problems both if they are planted in half-shade, or in full, sunny and certainly the specimens that enjoy many hours of direct sun every day will need more frequent watering. In any case it is not a demanding shrub, and already within a couple of years, if placed in the ground, it may not need further watering, proving to be able to settle for rain, except in cases of prolonged drought. Instead, the specimens placed in pots will always need watering, especially in summer, when the rains do not help us; in any case we water only when the soil is very dry, with the water stagnating. This for the viburnum vat, shrub of Mediterranean origin; but there are several viburnums (I mean botanical species, leaving aside hybrid varieties or cultivars); some are native to the forests of North America, and are far more demanding plants in terms of water, accustomed to life in the undergrowth; viburnum plicatum, a widespread species in cultivation, requires fairly regular watering, although it can withstand short periods of drought without being particularly affected. So, the amount of water to be supplied depends first of all on the species of viburnum we are talking about, then also on exposure, and on whether your garden is in Catania or Bolzano.