Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Emerald apple, its yield

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Emerald apple, its yield

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Fans of experiments will definitely like the Emerald Apple tomato. This variety is considered unusual. The main advantage is the unusual color of the fruit, green. Ripe tomatoes are incredibly tasty and contain a lot of nutrients.

Description of tomato

The plant of this variety belongs to mid-season crops. The main advantage for which the apple is loved is its good yield. One fully developed plant can yield about 10 kg of harvest per season. To achieve these results, the cultivation process must begin in July. The culture gives its last fruits in early autumn, in September. After that, the bush can be removed from the garden.

At the peak of its maturation, the crop can reach about 1.5 m in length. The bush is very powerful, and this fact affects the development of the fruit. The whole tomato bush is covered with beautiful green leaves. Excess shoots and shoots must be removed in time so that they do not cause a poor harvest.

The tomato produces large fruits that can weigh 250 g. Inside, the fruit is divided into several chambers. The shape is slightly rounded, flattened at the sides. There is a slight ribbing.

Taste and color

The description of the variety must begin with the color of the fruit. The main color is green. Its shade can range from delicate lemon to bronze. The fruits are incredible in appearance.

When it comes to taste, there is something here that needs to be taken into account. The palate is both rich and sophisticated. Sweetness and light sourness are felt most of all. No wateriness, which is often present in most varieties.

The Emerald Apple Tomato is often recommended for use in dietary meals. Suitable for children. This indicates that the tomato is not only good in taste, but also healthy.


Good planting with strong stems depends on many factors. First of all, you need to pay attention to planting seeds in the ground. Those who planted this variety know that the most suitable period for this is the end of March and the beginning of April.

When planting seeds, the following conditions must be taken into account:

  1. Growing should start exclusively in light and nutritious soil. In terms of acidity, the composition should be neutral.
  2. This variety prefers a mixture of humus and turf soil. The proportions are exactly the same.
  3. A small amount of sand from the river will help diversify the soil. In some cases, it is replaced with vermiculite.
  4. Seeds are soaked in a special substance before planting. For this, a growth stimulant is used. Only 1 to 2 days is enough.
  5. Plant seeds to a depth of 1.5 - 2 cm.
  6. Watering should be done from a spray bottle. This will allow the soil to be moistened evenly and the seeds will not be washed out of the soil.
  7. The prepared container with the planted culture must be covered with glass or any film. The cover must be transparent.

The next stage is waiting for the sprouts to appear. While the seeds are sprouting, it is necessary to tackle another, no less important issue - to study the nuances of caring for the plant.

Correct care

If the tomato is planted, it is already a good start for growing. The culture does not require a lot of energy from the gardener when leaving. In order for the tomato to receive all the necessary conditions for normal growth, the following points should be adhered to:

  1. As soon as the Emerald tomato variety gave the first shoots, the container with the seedlings is placed in direct sunlight.
  2. If it is not possible to place it in a good sunny place, you can add light with an electric lamp.
  3. Temperature conditions play an important role. The indicator should constantly be within 16 degrees.
  4. As soon as the apple tomato has given the first leaves on the sprouts, they are dived into separate containers.
  5. Not every culture can tolerate a transplant. Fertilizers must be used to prevent the change of location from causing the death of the plant. Top dressing should contain a maximum of useful and nutritious substances.
  6. The plant is planted in open ground only after the soil warms up well and the threat of frost can be completely excluded.
  7. When planting each crop, it is recommended to adhere to the permissible distance between the stems.

Transplanting and feeding are important components, without which it is impossible to grow tomatoes.

It is necessary to pay attention to one more component - correct watering. The apple variety needs good hydration. Do not forget about the intervals between the waterings themselves.

It is recommended to use only warm water for irrigation. This suggests that the plant itself does not tolerate cold weather.

As soon as the Green Apple is planted in open ground, the bush is fixed on a support, which is installed in advance. If individual leaves are too low, then it is better to remove them. The same rule applies to extra shoots. Ultimately, only a couple - three strong and developed stems should remain.

How to deal with pests and diseases

The characteristic of the variety has another important point - pest and disease control. Amateur gardeners and professionals prefer the variety due to the fact that the tomato is resistant to many diseases and is practically not affected by pests. Despite this, the tomato needs regular maintenance. This event has a beneficial effect on the future harvest.

In order for the plant to develop well and give the maximum yield, special preventive measures must be taken before planting. What you need to do for this:

  • before planting seeds in the soil, it is better to ignite them in the oven;
  • the soil in a greenhouse must be watered with a solution of potassium permanganate, the temperature must be high.

Apple tomato can be infested with pests. This occurs for various reasons. Improper care, non-compliance with the temperature regime and lack of timely watering can destroy the culture. As a result, the variety is attacked by fungus or gray mold. To prevent the occurrence of such phenomena, it is imperative to use non-toxic bio-preparations.

It is unpleasant when the tomato becomes stained. This indicates the presence of late blight. For a successful fight against it, it is necessary to use medications that contain copper. You can find a similar medicine for a plant in special stores.

To combat pests, a whole series of insecticides has been developed that effectively destroy insects, protecting the crop from imminent death. The methods of using the medication can vary. The composition is sprayed on the leaves and stems of the plant, they can be watered on the soil.

In addition to the purchased drugs, you can prepare the medicine yourself. An emerald-colored tomato needs to be processed with natural herbs. To prepare the solution, it is necessary to brew plants such as chamomile and celandine. You can take yarrow and many others.


Even a novice gardener can grow an emerald apple. The variety is not whimsical to care for. Compliance with simple rules for planting, watering and feeding allows a person to harvest a rich harvest of vegetables, avoiding the appearance of rot and various pests. The flavor of the tomato is worth planting in greenhouses and open ground.

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