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Garden tables

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Garden tables

The garden tables are ideal for spending pleasant days outdoors in the company of our children or friends. In fact, on hot summer or spring days, there is nothing better than being outside, perhaps in the shade of a tree or an umbrella, enjoying a pleasant day accompanied by fresh lemonade or some other refreshing drink that you don't make the heat bite feel too.
Alternatively, it's nice to get organized with friends to play cards outdoors, or some other table game without closing up in your own four walls, which even though they are excellent in the winter to protect yourself from rain and frost are not in the summer, when you have everyone can relax in a ventilated environment.
To make this possible you need to have a nice garden table, which can be used for more purposes, such as playing cards, checkers, chess, and some other society games, but also being able to be used to read a good book, prepare lunch or dinner and, if necessary, host our friends and relatives for a nice outdoor lunch.
There are in fact different types of garden tables and we can choose in the market what can be more suitable depending on the uses we want to make. Of course it is always better to choose small tables that can be used in multiple ways, that is multi-purpose, as they will give us the possibility to adapt them for various things. But if we have clear ideas about the type of garden table we need we can go without fail and buy one suitable for our purpose, but of course we have to be firm about the location of our new table, which is not always easy as the art of furnishing is always evolving and what we may like today maybe tomorrow is no longer our case and therefore our table, bought ad hoc for that occasion, could become obsolete and therefore no longer usable becoming perhaps an object of too much we don't know what to do.
To overcome these problems we therefore try to see various types of garden tables, which will help us to understand well what are the possible uses we can make.

Oval aluminum garden table

If we want a table that we can use for a tea, for a game of cards, for a lunch or to play with friends, it is advisable to take an aluminum table, stable enough to lean on bottles and glasses and large to be used for these purposes. Chairs, also in aluminum, it is good to have them with cushions suitable for the outside, so that the wear and tear of time will not damage them and we and our guests will be more comfortable. Aluminum is in fact a rigid metal, and not very comfortable if we want to relax for a few hours, the pillow will instead help our buttocks not to stress too much and relax. It is good, however, that our chairs have cushions suitable for the outdoors, so that atmospheric agents do not immediately spoil them. The cushions we use at home for our chairs are in fact very little resistant and would be ruined immediately if we used them outdoors.
This type of table is good to use under a shelter, perhaps in a veranda, because humidity in the long run could ruin the metal.

"width =" 375 "height =" 250 "longdesc =" / garden-furniture / tables-and-chairs / tables-giardino.asp ">If instead you want a table to put directly on the lawn, perhaps with wicker chairs, the ideal is the wicker table of the size of a chest, maybe round, where you can put the lemonade, the fruit juice or the you. This type of table is ideal if you have comfortable garden chairs, as it is not made to stay close to it but only to rest things. Everything must naturally be surrounded by a beautiful umbrella for the lawn that will not leave us in the sun in the event of sultry days. For our chairs, they are always recommended for outdoor cushions in order to protect them.If you don't love wicker you can do it in metal, maybe in aluminum, but it's better if you put it all in a place where there's no humidity, so either in the house or in a closet, otherwise the metal will wear out in a little time.A mixed solution could be represented by the armchairs, sofas and coffee table in aluminum and polyrattan, which represents the fusion of wood and metal material. This type of solution is undoubtedly very fascinating because the tables will have a very rustic shape and composition and rarely go out of fashion. If we are therefore undecided on the material to be used we can choose a solution of this type.Armchair with built-in table

If you want something really comfortable and useful, you can have a lounge chair with a built-in table to put our drink on. This type of table is suitable for those who like to relax and rest in the garden or maybe sunbathe. It is made of aluminum and polyrattan, so as to be resistant to atmospheric agents and humidity and at the same time to wear over time. It is the ideal solution if we look for something that only satisfies ourselves.

Garden tables: Garden table with glass


"width =" 375 "height =" 213 "longdesc =" / garden-furniture / tables-and-chairs / tables-giardino.asp ">
If instead we are looking for a chic solution, suitable for every occasion, we can opt for an aluminum table with glass on it. Of course this solution is very fascinating but also the most delicate because the glass as we all know is very fragile, so be careful with glasses or things we put on it.


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