Instructions for use of Kornerost and dosage of root growth stimulant

Instructions for use of Kornerost and dosage of root growth stimulant

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The use of root formers for the preparation of seedlings and seedlings has long been practiced in farms and private households. Let's consider the purpose, principle of action of "Kornerost", its composition and how to use this drug correctly according to the instructions for use. How to work correctly with a root formation stimulant, how and how much to store, what can be replaced.

Active ingredient and preparative form

"Kornerost" is produced by the Russian company "Green Belt", the preparative form is water-soluble granules or powder in capsules of 0.1 g. Packaging - small sachets of 2 capsules. The active compound is potassium salt (indolyl-3) acetic acid in an amount of 950 g / kg. The drug is intended to accelerate the rooting of seedlings, vegetable seedlings, cuttings and bulbs of various agricultural crops.

Mechanism of action

It has a beneficial effect on the growth of crops and regulates it. Stimulates the growth of roots, which is why the seedlings and seedlings take root faster, they become stronger, and their endurance increases. "Kornerost" does not possess phytotoxicity, there is no waiting period, resistance does not arise.

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The exposure time of the agent on the treated plants begins 3-5 days after application and lasts 1-3 months. Stimulates root growth in almost all crops.

How to use a root growth stimulant

According to the instructions for use, the frequency of treatments with "Kornerostom" is 1 - when soaking and 2 - when watering under the root of strawberries, shrubs and fruit trees.

How to use: green and lignified cuttings are soaked before planting for 0.5 and 1 days, the roots of shrub and tree seedlings are dipped in a mixture of clay and peat, which is kneaded with Kornerosta solution (for a dozen seedlings - 1 capsule). Fruit and berry crops are watered with a solution under the root 2-3 times a season. The bulbs are kept in solution before planting for 0.5-1 days, which speeds up the rooting time by 2 times (1 capsule per 1 kg of bulbs). The roots of vegetable and flower seedlings are treated for 1-2 hours before planting, after planting they are watered with a solution (for 40 plants - 1 capsule).

Usage rate: 2 capsules per 2 liters of water for soaking the roots of seedlings and seedlings, for processing bulbs. For root watering - 2 capsules per 10 liters. For the treatment of grape cuttings for grafting - 1-3 capsules per 1 liter.

Safety precautions when working with "Kornerost"

The growth stimulator belongs to agro-preparations with hazard class 3. The active substance can irritate the mucous membrane, so you need to work with the product with gloves, wear a respirator and goggles. Mix the drug with water in a non-metallic, non-food container. When preparing, do not exceed the dosage; if the concentration is significantly exceeded, the treatment with Kornerostom can lead to the death of plants. When watering, the liquid should not get on the leaves.

First aid for poisoning

In case of accidental contact of powder or ready-made solution of "Kornerost" on hands or other parts of the body, rinse these places with water. If the product gets into the eyes, do the same. If symptoms of poisoning are noted, you need to rinse the stomach: take tablets of activated carbon in the amount of 1 g per 1 kg of body weight, drink water, induce vomiting in a few minutes. If the condition does not improve, seek medical attention.

How to store the product correctly

"Kornerost" is stored for 2 years in its original packaging, subject to storage conditions - a dark, dry, cool room. Do not keep food, animal feed, medicine nearby. The ready-made solution is suitable for use within 2 days.


Heteroauxin, which is in the Kornerost formula, contains many similar drugs: Kornevin, Epin, Athlete, Zircon, Ukorenit, Root Super. When used in LPH "Kornerost" must not be mixed with other agents and pesticides.

"Kornerost" contains an effective synthetic growth hormone widely used - heteroauxin. Its action is expressed in stimulating the growth of roots in seedlings, seedlings and bulbs, which significantly speeds up the time spent by plants for survival. The growth stimulator acts equally effectively on almost all types of agricultural crops; it can be used to treat the roots of vegetable seedlings, fruit and shrub saplings, flower bulbs, and garlic. In addition to pre-planting treatment, it is possible to water already planted plants at the root, which also contributes to their accelerated growth and development. The drug is very economically consumed, it is produced in packaging that is convenient for use in private households.

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