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Outdoor furniture

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External furnishings

Having a big house with an outdoor space is a luxury that not everyone has. But whoever is lucky enough to have it, can transform it and enrich it with beautiful furnishings. Making a space functional and welcoming is a pleasure as well as a satisfaction. An outdoor area can be furnished in different ways, depending on how it will be used. The outdoor space, which can be a garden or terrace, can perform various functions. Through the furnishings you can live and enjoy the space to the full, especially taking advantage of the naturalness of the place. The first thing to do is to furnish it with useful accessories that are perfect for the type of garden size, so it is possible to furnish it with chairs, tables, armchairs, elements that will make the outdoor space as livable as the internal space. You just need to follow some criteria to choose one type of furniture rather than another. First you need to consider the space available, clearly if the space is large, you can put any kind of furniture in it, but if the space you have is small, you should not overdo it and abandon too voluminous furnishing ideas. For example, it is an excellent idea for those who have children to play games, if space permits, while older people can think of more comfortable furnishings such as wicker sofas, great for relaxing and reading in peace. Furthermore, it is necessary to evaluate the types of furniture that best suit the type of garden and do not conflict with the need for plants, so it is better to exclude the idea of ​​transforming the garden into a playground, because the little ones could destroy the plants, to greater reason if these are very delicate. To limit costs, it is possible to build furnishings independently. The first thing to do is to evaluate the various procedures to be followed, the materials and the tools to be used. Lastly, it is also necessary to see the prices that determine the total expenditure.


It is possible to create a green corner outside with potted plants and flowers, especially if you have a small garden. The vases are indispensable accessories for cultivating any type of plants, from fat to seasonal flowers or aromatic plants. There are vases of every shape and material, ranging from those in plastic to those in earthenware or wood. The vases can be a furnishing element of a driveway, of an entrance to a house or of the stairs of an apartment building. There are two characteristics of the most important vessel: preventing nutrients from dispersing and verifying the amount of water in plants. It is necessary to pierce the bottom of the pot and fill it with suitable soil. An excellent advice in case the plant should become infected, is to transfer it to another pot so as not to contaminate the other plants planted with it.


For those who can afford it, you can think of furnishing the exterior with useful fireplaces, so as to spend the evenings in good company. Fireplaces have a type of structure that allows you to cook any type of food, from sweet to savory. They are powered by wood or natural gas thanks to the connection of a tube that feeds the entire system of the house. The fireplaces are excellent and useful as they allow you to cook each dish outside without having to dirty the kitchen inside the house. They are fireplaces made of cement conglomerate coated with plastic material that is very resistant to atmospheric agents. Other fireplaces, on the other hand, are made of marmoteach, a new strong and robust material that does not need special care.


Another decorative and functional piece of furniture is the pergola. The pergola is an artifact that has an ornamental nature and is easily removable because it has no foundation. The function is to act as a support for climbing plants and through these, shade and shelter a garden or terrace. The pergola has an open structure both on the external sides and on the upper part and is destined to create shade, the roof can also be used as a shelter and increases the habitability of the building. The pergola can be made of different materials such as wood, metal or masonry. The wooden pergola can be of three types: teak, nordic pine and chestnut. Among these three, teak wood is certainly the most durable. For pergola roofs there are tarred cardboard to be fixed on wooden structures. While the structures in metal and masonry are very resistant, they are very expensive but do not require maintenance. Also through the "do it yourself" it is possible to build a pergola. It is only necessary to contact the Municipality and ask for authorization, obtain the various permits and start work.

Outdoor furniture: CASETTE

Another piece of furniture for a garden, terrace or garage are the little houses. There are different types of houses, those for hosting four-legged friends, those for birds, for storing gardening items, for playing games, etc. The preferred material is wood, because it is the most resistant and robust. Generally these houses are mainly built to preserve the various tools that would otherwise be in the way and subject to deterioration due to rain and sun. It doesn't matter that the house is large, the main thing is that it has windows to repair objects. There are many types of houses on the market, the most requested are those in wood and fireproof PVC, a material that is very resistant to atmospheric agents.


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