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Garden sofa

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Furnish your own garden

Spring and summer are still far away but if you own a garden it is not too early to think about how to best fix it so you can live it intensely during the hottest months of the year. It often happens to take care of the furnishing of one's own home in detail, but often one ends up neglecting the decor of the garden of the house, buying furniture without paying particular attention to the right choice, thus obtaining an untidy and inhomogeneous effect. In reality the garden, when present, is the first place of our house where guests are welcomed and therefore furnishing it with taste and making it aesthetically pleasing is very important, to make a good first impression on others, but also to feel good with oneself themselves in their own environment. But how to choose the various furnishing accessories? The garden furniture should be chosen with commitment, buying furniture created with the same material and with the same style, or trying to coordinate the various elements. Before researching the pieces to furnish your garden, it is necessary to think about which furnishings you need, what kind of style to remain faithful to, choosing from what fits most well with the furnishing of the house. It is also important to evaluate the position in which to place the various furnishing elements. The elements of the garden must remain faithful to the personal taste of each of us, but we cannot disregard the environment and the context in which the garden is inserted. It is very important to evaluate the spaces, so as not to fill the garden with useless objects and not to give a confusing impression of the environment; what is certain is that a well-furnished garden cannot be deprived of one or more garden sofas, essential to make the external environment of one's home welcoming. The prices of the sofas vary depending on the size but above all on the fabrics and materials used.

Garden sofas and materials

A set of sofas is ideal for decorating with taste and elegance a particular corner of the garden. It will serve as a corner for relaxation, it can be used as a cozy meeting place for an aperitif with friends or as a special place to be shared only with those you want. The materials that are used today for a garden sofa are different. They must have some fundamental characteristics, they must resist wear, damage caused by sunlight and bad weather, to ensure a certain duration of the object, which is not limited to a single season. Alongside the use of natural fibers, such as rattan and extremely resistant tropical woods, such as the well-known teak, cutting-edge materials are increasingly used, the result of technologically advanced studies and research that are able to reproduce the appearance of natural materials but at the same time guaranteeing excellent resistance. The woven fibers materials are created with particular and durable plastic materials and are worked by hand with sometimes avant-garde techniques, sometimes more traditional. These are materials that are inspired by natural ones such as rattan or wicker: often the aesthetic aspect is very similar and it is visually difficult to make a distinction. These materials, after processing, can take on different colors and mask themselves in the eyes of man, presenting themselves as something different from what they really are. Technical fabrics, plastic materials, metals and composite materials are also used.

Garden sofa: Style

The predominant tendency with regard to the external furniture is to harmonize it harmoniously with the interior furnishing of the house. There are many proposals on a stylistic level that are presented today, in order to be able to offer buyers a vast choice that satisfies their desires and fits in with the style of their home; in fact there are different solutions both for lovers of classic and tradition, and for lovers of design and modernity. Wood, an element already mentioned above, is the most typical material of the Made in Italy tradition of furnishing and in recent years has evolved considerably, becoming modern. It joins the strength of materials like steel and the colors and patterns of the latest synthetic fabrics. The garden sofas have numerous shapes and different sizes and are therefore suitable to be placed both in larger spaces and in more intimate ones, obtained by furnishing small spaces. The most innovative idea of ​​life in the open air enhances the most solid geometries and the contrasts of shades and colors. Obviously not everyone shares the same taste: there are those who prefer the essential in the form, there are those who appreciate cutting-edge design elements and those who love the elegance of more discreet details, the charm of high-quality woods, less showy but classy. There are collections suitable for everyone and if some of them offer almost bizzare features, most respect the ideas of functionality and practicality. Soft and sinuous, almost enveloping lines are widely used. Many furnishings with a strong aesthetic presence are combined with the comfort of the seats, where large and small cushions invite to a moment of relaxation in the open air. True, the typical contaminations of the contemporary era are often seen even in the most classic garden sofas . When choosing a sofa, colors, shapes and fabrics cannot be underestimated. It is safe to say that each person has a type of garden sofa.


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