Terrace furniture

Terrace furniture

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Advantages and benefits of an open space

Of course, enjoying all this without leaving your own home is a privilege that not everyone can benefit from. But whoever is lucky enough to have an apartment with a terrace, even a small one, cannot deprive himself of making it a small jewel, so welcoming that it becomes a real extension of our house in the summer, but actually, already start from the first spring warmth, where the climate of our city allows it, of course. So let's see how to equip our terrace, how to make it pleasant to the eye, welcoming for our guests, easy to clean, practical to maintain. Before defining the furniture and the equipment, let's try to understand how to create a little privacy, to enjoy the privilege of fresh air and the panorama without the risk of prying eyes entering the house. From a quick check of the condominium regulations we can know if we have permission to build on the terrace or in the case of building semi-mobile structures that create a sort of small covered veranda. But if this is impossible, we can still protect ourselves, both from the sun that beats, and from the look of the curious neighbor. But let's see how to equip our terrace, such as the market proposals, such as new ideas in terms of outdoor furniture.

Isolate our outdoor space

If we have enough space available, and we cannot build a structure that isolates our outer space, we must imagine solving with a gazebo or umbrellas. The latter obviously do not protect you from the sun or a few drops of rain; conversely some models of gazebos are equipped with side wings that screen from the outside or in any case provided with gratings where it is possible to climb the plants and flowers of which we love most colors and fragrances. There are different models of gazebos on the market, the cheaper ones are of course also the lightest, the least resistant, which should be dismantled at the end of the summer and stored until the beginning of the next. They are usually covered with a synthetic fiber cloth, which allows light to filter through, but protects from heat. Wooden or metal gazebos are more solid, often requiring to be fixed to the ground with special hooks. Often they are also aesthetically more beautiful, they have a solemn presence, they give importance to our terrace. If we prefer metal we can choose one that has a light and elegant, vaguely liberty, full of ramage and floral motifs that make it elegant and light. Wood, on the other hand, gives a more solid, more country look, but always aesthetically very elegant. Once we have isolated our outdoor space, we only have to choose how to decorate it so that it is both unique and comfortable at the same time.

Terrace furniture: A real outdoor living room

With the beginning of the summer, our terrace really becomes an extension of our house, more time is spent outside than inside and above all if the access to the terrace is regulated by large glass doors, the passage from the inside to the you will hardly feel outside. It is therefore important that the look, the appearance of our outdoor space, dialogues well with the home furnishings, that there is harmony between one piece of furniture and another. If we have chosen furniture with a modern, contemporary design for our house, then the terrace should also be affected by this style: there are many interesting solutions on the market, such as the sofas with the shape that recalls the more traditional models, the sofas of our grandmothers for instance, but in pure PVC. Super resistant to atmospheric agents and thermal shocks, which can be easily cleaned and are very light to move. It is possible to combine them with multicolored cushions, perhaps with geometric patterns and the appearance of our terrace, it will change in an instant, giving us a super pop outodoor. So it will be enough to have a sofa, an armchair, a coffee table perhaps in the same color as our textiles, to equip a living room perfect for summer evenings. Conversely, if the style of our house is more classic, it is advisable to move towards more classic models: once there was bamboo, a hollow and light wood, malleable, ideal for outdoor furniture. Over time, bamboo has been replaced by its artificial emulation: synthetic rattan, a material that reproduces the natural fiber in its entirety, but without the disadvantage of wear caused by rain and wind. The rattan lounges are very choreographic and convey a sense of great elegance: they almost always reproduce the color of the essences and it is customary to accompany them with large white cushions that restore a sense of freshness, cleanness and light. To complete our modern or classic living room corner, it is possible to imagine mobile lighting systems, or small furniture cabinets, essential to make our hours spent outdoors more comfortable. Before making these purchases, however, let us remember that both pvc sofas and rattan sofas are bulky and not stackable, so they are difficult to put away unless you have a large closet. In the absence of sufficient space, it is better to choose outdoor seating and tables that are easily stackable or at least foldable, so as to occupy as little space as possible and not cause us any space problems.


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