Description and characteristics of the apple tree variety Zavetnoye, planting, growing and care

Description and characteristics of the apple tree variety Zavetnoye, planting, growing and care

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All gardeners want to have an apple tree on the site that does not take up much space, but with a high yield. It is also desirable that the requirements for the necessary care be minimal. It was for the purpose of creating such a variety that a new kind of apple tree - Zavetnoye - was bred in a hybrid way 60 years ago. And since then, he tirelessly pleases professional gardeners and amateur summer residents.

Description and characteristics of the cherished apple tree

Treasured is a variety of early ripening fruits with straight and thin branches and a fluffy rounded crown. The foliage is represented by small, pointed leaves, with a slightly corrugated texture, and has a rich green hue. Ripening of the apple is noted on the fruit twigs.

Tree height

The height of the Treasured tree, which reaches only 3-4 meters, is considered very convenient for gardeners. The average growth rate of an apple tree is 2-2.5 meters. At harvest time, these figures are encouraging that even the ladder will be superfluous. The whole tree is easy to cut off while standing on a small chair.

Crown width

The crown of the Treasured apple tree is spreading and grows almost perpendicular to the trunk. And thanks to the weak thickening of the foliage, the plant is protected from the manifestation of scab. This is due to good ventilation and uniform penetration of sunlight. These factors have a beneficial effect on the amicable ripening of fruits.


The yield of an apple tree does not depend on the age of the tree. The number of fruits is stable, both in young seedlings and in adult plants. And the average yield per year is up to 75 kilograms of apples from one Cherished.

Disease resistance

Due to the unique structure of the crown, the Cherished apple tree is resistant to various diseases and pests. The main disease of such plants is scab, however, the uniform influence of the sun's rays relieves the variety from the disease. As a preventive measure during flowering, it is recommended to spray the tree with a fungicide solution.

Winter hardiness

The apple tree tolerates winter frosts down to -40 degrees. When the temperature drops below the perennial crust is damaged and covered with deep cracks. For the northern regions, it is recommended to select more resistant varieties or take care of the insulation of the tree.

Tasting assessment

The pulp of apples is dense, but famous for its tenderness and juiciness of taste. Connoisseurs note the light strawberry flavor.

The cherished is famous for its biochemical composition, which includes an extensive complex of vitamins. In winter, the use of fruits helps to raise immunity and successfully fight seasonal diseases.

Average fetal weight

The weight of an apple of the Zavetnoye variety directly depends on the age of the seedling. So:

  • the first three years, the fruits are slightly larger, and reach 80 grams;
  • the older the tree, the smaller the fruit; since the fourth year, the average weight of an apple is only 45-60 grams.

This is due to the number of apples. If the total weight remains unchanged, then over time the number of fruits increases, but their size decreases. However, this fact does not affect the taste in any way.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The cherished apple tree has a number of advantages:

  • the tree is not susceptible to scab and other diseases;
  • high yield rate (up to 75 kilograms);
  • the same fruiting, both of a young seedling and an adult;
  • simultaneous ripening of fruits;
  • good transportability;
  • fruits do not spoil for a long time (up to six months).

Important! The plant has only one drawback - instability before severe frosts.

How to plant?

Planting an apple tree Cherished does not require any special agricultural techniques. It is only recommended to take into account the climatic conditions of the region, especially in winter.

Important! It is required to carefully consider the choice of young seedlings, so as not to be confused with Kazakh hybrids that cannot stand low temperatures. Minimum rates for this variety: -30 degrees.

Landing dates

It is recommended to plant seedlings of this apple tree in mid-March, and in colder areas in the month of April. The temperature regime must be stable. Sudden frosts will destroy young trees. The soil should already warm up to at least +10 degrees.


When choosing apple tree seedlings Cherished, it is recommended to pay special attention to the following points:

  • the safety and quality of the root system; there should be no dry shoots;
  • no damage to the bark;
  • the trunk must be healthy, without growths and cracks;
  • the twig of the seedling must certainly be moist and elastic.

Seat selection

This is a thermophilic apple variety, so it is recommended to choose a sunny and calm location.

Important! An open place is required so that the snow falls freely and does not melt. This provides additional insulation for the seedlings. It is recommended to avoid areas with artificial soil heating (next to a bathhouse, heating pipes), since the “natural insulation” will quickly melt, and the external one is not enough to preserve the roots.

Preparation of seedlings

Cherished apple tree seedlings are prepared in advance. In the fall, it is necessary to plant a young tree in open ground at an angle of 45 degrees. You can insulate the soil a little with foliage and humus.

Pit preparation

It is also recommended to prepare tree holes in advance. On average, for the Cherished apple tree, a depression of 70-100 centimeters is suitable. When excavating, you need to pay attention to:

  • groundwater level - no more than 1.5 meters;
  • the ground for burying must be mixed in advance with ready-made compost;
  • the bottom of the pit must be additionally loosened with a crowbar;
  • cover the earth in layers, in the reverse order from digging.

Landing scheme

The planting scheme, as you know, completely depends on the root system and on the crown. The first of this apple tree is not very spreading, but it grows, rather, in breadth than upward. Therefore, it is recommended to calculate the distance from parameters 2.5 meters in diameter for each tree plus one meter for free space.

Care rules

The cherished apple variety is unpretentious and does not need additional care, except for standard dressing and insulation.

How is it watered

In rainy years, there is no need for additional watering. However, in dry summers, it is recommended to water the apple tree abundantly 2-3 times. This does not require completely filling the entire garden, it is enough to fill the recess around the tree.

How to trim

It is recommended to prune the cherished apple tree in the spring, before the buds appear, and the cuts must be treated with garden varnish in order to avoid the onset of infections.

Important! You should not get rid of horizontal branches, as it is on them that most of the fruits are located!


It is advisable to feed the seedlings every year. It is recommended to fill the soil with compost only in spring. However, it is allowed to fertilize with the infusion of chicken manure or liquid mullein at any time - even in spring, even in autumn.

Pest control

The main enemy of the apple tree among pests is the moth. However, the fight against it is not difficult. It is enough to process the Treasured One with a solution of Inta-Vir, Decis or Kinmiks at the beginning of June.

Rodent protection

There are a number of rodent control measures:

  • make garden cleaning of the apple tree trunk;
  • loosen the soil around the seedling;
  • cover the barrel with a special protective material.

If there is no material, it is recommended to fix the spruce branches on the trunk (with the needles down), and additionally process the edges with rodent protection.


An important step in successful pollination is the selection of a second apple variety, which will serve as a catalyst. Perfect for this role:

  • Firebird;
  • Altai Rumyanoe;
  • Crimson.

Features of maturation in different regions

The ripening features are contained only in the ripening time of the fruits. So, if you plant trees from Moscow to the Urals, Siberian seedlings will give the first fruits in early September. And further - as the temperature regime changes.

Subspecies and variants

Two varieties of apples became the "parents" of Zavetny in 1958:

  • Melba;
  • Autumn joy.

Therefore, the trees are similar in appearance and have similar maintenance methods.

Harvesting and storage

It is customary to harvest the Treasured one in September. A large space should be prepared in advance for numerous fruits. The collection is stored for a long time, almost until the end of the winter season.

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