July 2013

July 2013

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Natura Mea: the Green Design and Construction Course was completed

Successfully concluded the course organized by Natura Mea in Ospitaletto (BS) and dedicated to the world of vertical greenery. The course dedicated to the design and creation of vertical greenery illustrated the architectural aspects and design methodologies associated with this particular construction technique to engineers, architects, surveyors and florists, using the interventions of Dr. Antonio Musacchio (IUAV researcher) by Dr. Edoardo Bit (author of the book "Il Nuovo Verde Verticale") and Dr. Giusi Ferone.

July 2013: Woman & Mother: Green Lab successfully closed

The Green Lab course was successfully completed, which has trained 11 people in the green maintenance profession between our guests mothers and external people who will take care of the care of green spaces under the supervision of the association.
The course took place between the headquarters of the association, where practical and theoretical lessons were held, and the headquarters of the Agricultural School of Monza Park in Monza.
The participants were thus able to acquire notions at a theoretical and practical level also thanks to the availability and ability of Professor Maria Cristina Cesana.
After the work carried out in the garden of the association we just have to celebrate for the success of this course in its first edition convinced that there will certainly be others.


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