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Garden umbrella

Usually when we talk about umbrellas, we always think of the colorful beach umbrella. Instead, the umbrella can also be used as a garden, a valid piece of outdoor furniture. An umbrella gives comfort and beauty to your green space, it is a cone of shade on very hot summer days, the ideal after a dip in the pool and is a comfortable shelter from the harmful rays of the sun, especially for children. It is also very comfortable, since it can be easily closed, and can then be stored in a sheltered place in winter. There are different types on the market, the materials are always in the process of experimentation and today we tend to lighten it more and more. The price varies depending on the characteristics, in fact among these are to consider the dimensions, the stability of the base and the materials, which at times are very particular like those transparent in veil that look like mosquito nets. The standard model consists of a wooden board with a parasol at its top, which can usually be closed with a lever. The curtain is in cotton and the structure in aluminum. The fabric can then be stained with various products and is very resistant to the elements. The base within which there is a hole for the housing is made of iron or concrete. The umbrella can be fixed (arm), so it is always left in the same place, it can take on large dimensions like a large tent and sometimes it is also called "gazebo", or it has the movable and orientable axis, to create various areas of 'shadow. In this guide we will recommend the various types of umbrellas, the newest with innovative materials.

Solar LED parasol

The solar umbrella is a very special product, a novelty in the sector. Being equipped with LEDs it is able to illuminate your garden in the warm summer evenings, maybe when you are intent on preparing a fun dinner with friends, in absolute cost. Thanks to the use of photovoltaic technology, it is able to shed light by exploiting the solar energy it has absorbed during daylight hours, therefore it fulfills a dual task: making shade and lighting. It is an umbrella that does not make you give up the comforts of modern life, safeguarding the environment. The LED lights are incorporated inside the sun visor and the solar panels are applied on the upper part of the fabric. The pole is in aluminum and the fabric is in polyester, anti-mold.

Aluminum umbrella with decentralized load-bearing pole

This is certainly a very high quality umbrella, completely in aluminum, both in the base and in the supporting slats. Protects against UV rays, guaranteeing a cooler shadow of about 10 degrees. It has the ability to adjust the shade 360 ​​degrees, thanks to a small trick: it has a small pedal on the base that with a patented mechanism, allows rotation. The screws are all made of steel and the ribs are windproof. There is also the mode of adjusting the shadow vertically, thanks to a handle. It comes with white fabric and silver-colored interiors, in harmony with a garden with minimal or rocky features.

Wooden umbrella

Wood is one of the most used materials, it integrates perfectly with the garden and is therefore perfect from an aesthetic point of view. The mahogany wood umbrella with brass reinforcements is among the most elegant. There are models, with automatic lifting of the pole, so as not to move the furnishings that are below the umbrella.
The ideal is to combine these umbrellas with benches of the same material, tables and chairs to create a more welcoming space. Furthermore, if you are good at bricolage, wood can be easily decorated and therefore customized.

Double and quadruple umbrellas

Double and quadruple umbrellas are suitable for large spaces, as they are very large. They have two to four tents, they have a single pole, from which several arms branch out to support them. The openings are cantilevered, the retractable closure and the structure is in painted and galvanized steel. The base is usually in cement, since the weight of these umbrellas is remarkable. They are certainly very spectacular to look at, and sometimes they don't have exaggerated prices. On the canvas sometimes flounces are provided and can be customized with texts or images of your choice. The concrete weights of the base are found both in the classic plate version or as flower boxes.
The maintenance of sunshades with more delicate materials, should be done by periodically removing the dust on dry fabric with a vacuum cleaner, if the dirt does not go away then you can soak in water at 40 degrees. For grease stains, trichlorethylene or a dry stain remover is useful. It is good to keep the fabric taut to avoid water build-up and keep it dry so as to prevent mold. Never use chemicals as stain removers.
Prices range from a few dozen euros for plastic or metal with a synthetic fiber sheet, to a few hundred euros for the more sophisticated ones. Even the sheets vary in costs, especially if they are decorated and treated with substances that serve to preserve them over time. At the cost, transport and assembly costs will have to be added, which is not very easy to do alone. The choice presupposes the specific knowledge of each model. Before deciding, the environment, the garden, the area in which it will be placed must be studied well, since also given the considerable dimensions of the umbrella, it will be decisive and will give a strong imprint to the space to be furnished.

Garden furniture: Different models for different styles of garden umbrellas

To furnish the garden means above all to entirely design the green space, carefully choosing all the furnishings and accessories.
The outdoor umbrella was created with a functional purpose: to create a shaded area in the garden, perhaps around the living area or the living area.
But the market today offers many models of outdoor umbrellas, combining functionality with design.
The umbrella as a real elegance a piece of furniture for the garden.
The models differ in shapes, dimensions and manufacturing materials.
Wood is the most used especially for the excellent quality-price ratio.
Wood is among the most resistant natural materials, which is why it is used a lot for the production of outdoor furniture.


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