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Question: flowers

based on your answer I would like to ask if vilmorin firm granular petunias and surfines fertilizer buy in a nursery and a good product, also the owner told me to give it every 20 days a teaspoon amount, and too much. thanks

Answer: flowers

Dear Paul,
the Vilmorin company is an excellent French seed production company; besides an incredible number of seeds, it also produces everything that can be used to cultivate the plants obtained from the seeds. They are products of excellent quality, suitable also for organic farming, prepared with material of vegetable and animal origin; many of the products of the Vilmorin fertilizer line also contain marine algae, and besides having the main mineral salts, they also contain a good amount of trace elements. Now, regarding the doses of administration and the time that must pass between two supplies of fertilizer, I think it is appropriate that you read the label: every fertilizing product must clearly report the quantity to be dissolved in a liter of water, and every how much it must be supplied to the plant. The Vilmorin company produces many fertilizers, some are in soluble granules, or dissolve in water and water the plants with the solution obtained; my grandmother who tended to forget to supply the fertilizer, put a dose of it in the saucer of the geraniums, and then filled the saucer with water, instead of watering, I'm not saying it's the best method, in fact, but if you really don't think so remember to give the fertilizer, you can try this way; obviously you tend to put small amounts of fertilizer in the saucer, because if it melts everything instantly you risk burning the plants for too much fertilizer. This type of fertilizers, those that dissolve in water, are normally supplied every 12-15 days, if you do it every 10 days or every 20 days, you don't risk that much, just don't do it every other day, because at the roots of plants do not like to have large amounts of minerals in the soil. If instead you choose the method of my grandmother, do it once a month, or even less, and using about half a teaspoon of fertilizer for each saucer of 60 cm in length. Vilmorin also produces slow release fertilizers, which are spread on the ground, hoed, and then melt when you water; this operation must be carried out more or less every two months. I don't know which product you chose, but on the packaging you should find everything written in a clear and simple way; in many products there are also convenient measuring cups, if you can't find it and the fertilizer you bought from such information: 5 g of fertilizer every two liters of water, I suggest you buy a kitchen dispenser (you can also find them at the supermarket or in furniture stores), it is a set consisting of 3-4 small “spoons”, of different sizes, which contain about 5 ml, 10 ml, 25 ml and 50 ml (then each set is more or less large), there are also plastic materials: I understand that 5 ml of fertilizer powder are not exactly 5 g, but by approximation we can accept this measure, which is done easily and comfortably, and avoids using Carthusian scales.