Outdoor furnishings

Outdoor furnishings

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External furnishings

Each type of house, large or small, modern or ancient, can be enriched and embellished further thanks to an external context. To have a dream home, you need to be attentive to every kind of detail, from the smallest to the largest and not to neglect anything. First, we need to evaluate the size of the context. If the space is particularly small but you still want to enrich it with furniture, you need to choose simple and practical accessories, not too bulky so that the environment is not heavy but sober. It is good to opt for furniture of a single color, even better if the colors are light so as to recall the color of the floor, while multicolored accessories are to be avoided. Much appreciated are the square-shaped furniture suitable for any type of context. If, on the other hand, you have a large space, then you can choose small sofas with upholstered cushions in neutral color or with wooden furniture and tables so as to make the place refined and chic. Whatever kind of furniture you want to adopt, you have to remember that it has to satisfy the desires of all the members of the family from the oldest to the youngest. Who has children, could buy outdoor games for their entertainment, such as swings, swings, hammocks or houses, or those who love the water, can buy a nice pool with deckchairs. It is a duty to make an external environment as beautiful as the internal one. There are numerous amenities that can also be inserted outside a home to allow you to live well even in the open air.

Kitchens excellent outdoor accessories

It is possible to insert a kitchen outside a house. On the market there are excellent solutions for all needs and all budgets. Many people buy outdoor kitchens because they are very practical and functional. For those who like to have lunch and dinner outdoors, what could be better than cooking directly outside without having to go back and forth between the house and the outside corner? There are many types of kitchens, there are those in granulated marble, formed by large worktops, they are finished with a glossy finish and have wooden doors. It is also a type of model that can be assembled by combining different modules such as the sink module with tap, gas stove, or barbecue, or island. Even the kitchen in antique marble granulate, formed by large work spaces, is quite popular. This has wooden doors with the possibility of a stove with a plate. For those without budget problems, there are also super-equipped stainless steel kitchens, with wheels and various accessories such as the sink with extendable faucet and a waste compartment. Another modern model is the modular one made of concrete, composed of different modules such as barbecues, removable fireplaces and stainless steel taps.

Vases to furnish the outside

An excellent outdoor furniture is the vases with plants because they give joy and color. The vases are useful elements and allow an external space to remain orderly and homogeneous. The vases are of various types, although the most widespread are earthenware and ceramics, but there are also those in wood, plastic and PVC. In general, terracotta is chosen for its ability to be extremely porous in order to allow it to absorb the abundance of water and to evaluate the health of the plants. Even outdoor wooden vases are very common, but the disadvantage of wood is that it is always taken care of, otherwise it will be damaged. While plastic pots are very comfortable because they can be moved from one point to another with ease, but aesthetically they are not very elegant. Pvc pots are often used because they have the advantage of being insulating and allow to leave constant the temperature of the ground where the plants are grown. It is obvious that plants grown in pots will need different care than plants planted directly in the garden soil. Potted plants need fertilization periodically. Carefully choose containers and jars and procure the equipment needed to get the maximum benefit for the plants.

Outdoor furnishings: Swimming pool

A very good comfort can be a swimming pool. The pool is a great accessory to stay in total relaxation and take a bath in the sun comfortably in the garden of your own home. Having a pool is a big commitment because it needs a lot of maintenance. Water is often contaminated with micro-organisms that are harmful to both people and installations. To eliminate dirt in the water, you need a good infiltration system that prevents it from turning into food for the bacteria. Furthermore it will be necessary to constantly clean the walls of the tank, remove leaves and insects, wash the filters. Only then will the pool be ready and safe for swimming. Furthermore, to make it even more comfortable, you can add a ladder, so you can easily go down to the tub without risking injury and a trampoline, if the tub is particularly deep. If the space allows it, you can also add a gazebo so as to make shade and shelter from the sun or beds to put around the pool.


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