Description of the Pablo tomato variety, yield and cultivation

Description of the Pablo tomato variety, yield and cultivation

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Tomato lovers will appreciate the fruit of modern breeding - the Pablo f1 tomato. Numerous advantages ensured the demand for the variety among gardeners from different regions of Russia. The Japanese company Sakata became the originator of the plant, today the novelty was officially entered into the state register.

General information about tomato

The Pablo tomato variety is suitable for growing in greenhouses and open beds. Description of the appearance and characteristics of the plant:

  • early maturing, the period before harvest is 95 days;
  • indeterminate, has unlimited growth;
  • high, reaches 2 meters;
  • powerful root system;
  • good foliage;
  • slightly ribbed;
  • average yield, over the summer they receive up to 4 kg per 1 sq. landing meter;
  • the number of fruits in a bunch is 5-6 pieces;
  • good adaptive abilities;
  • unpretentious care;
  • resistance to most diseases of the nightshade family;
  • the possibility of transportation over long distances without losing the presentation;
  • keeping quality.

Tomatoes are a new addition to hybrid varieties. The ability to bear fruit in unfavorable weather conditions and poor soils made it possible to grow tomatoes in all regions of Russia. Technical data and appearance of the fruit:

  • flat-round, aligned shape;
  • dense;
  • thin skin;
  • large, average weight 200 grams;
  • red when ripe;
  • sweet taste;
  • fleshy, not watery;
  • fragrant.

Ripe tomatoes are versatile. The berry is suitable for fresh consumption, canning, pickling, processing into tomato products: ketchup, sauce, mashed potatoes, pasta.

Growing recommendations

The plant prefers a seedling method of planting. Preparatory work begins 2 months before the expected landing date. When preparing seedlings, it is advised:

  • sow seeds to a depth of 1-1.5 cm;
  • after planting, cover the containers with foil;
  • maintain a temperature of 21-25 degrees;
  • after the sprouts appear, remove the film, transplant the tomatoes in separate pots and move to the light;
  • regular watering;
  • picking.

IMPORTANT! Before planting, the seedlings should be hardened.

For 1 sq. meter of land, place no more than four tomatoes according to the scheme 40 x 60 cm.The plant is undemanding, from the obligatory care measures:

  • watering with water not lower than air temperature;
  • feeding with complex mineral fertilizer, at least 4 times in the summer;
  • regular loosening and weeding of the soil;
  • pinching, forming a bush into one stem;
  • installation of supports and tying to the trellis with synthetic materials.

Gardeners' opinion

Good afternoon. Heard positive reviews about Pablo's tomato. This summer I tried to grow it, I was satisfied.

The tomato bore fruit in a cold summer, withstood all unfavorable conditions, good yield. Suitable for cultivation in the northern regions of Russia. There were no difficulties in leaving. In greenhouse conditions, I got 3 kilograms of berries from 1 sq. meter landing. I advise!

Valerian Egorovich, 54 years old.

Good afternoon! I recommend Pablo to all tomato lovers. It tolerates heat well, does not require close attention. Suitable for growing outdoors in the southern regions of Russia. Ripe berry is suitable for salads, curls and pickles.

Ekaterina Petrova, 45 years old.

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