Description of the Bazhena grape variety, characteristics and history of selection, cultivation

Description of the Bazhena grape variety, characteristics and history of selection, cultivation

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Gardeners who grow table varieties dream of Bazhen grapes. This species produces sweet, tasty berries. They make aromatic jam, jam, juice and wine. It's nice and easy to feast on sunny berries.

Breeding history

The author of the variety is a breeder from Ukraine Zagorulko V.V. For work, he chose the well-known varieties - Gift of the Volga region and Arcadia. Bazhena is one of the best table grape varieties. He combined the advantages of the parent varieties.

Description of the variety

Bazhena is a godsend for an amateur winegrower. An unpretentious variety pleases with dessert berries. Description of the variety:

  • vigorous bush;
  • the vine is sometimes loose;
  • the vine ripens in one season;
  • grown as self-rooted or in the form of a scion;
  • the leaf is bright green, small;
  • lack of peas (the berry does not shrink);
  • the variety is resistant to temperature changes;
  • fruits do not crack when waterlogged;
  • the fruits do not fall off the bush within 2-3 weeks after the harvest ripens;
  • early ripening variety (110-115 days from the awakening of the vine to picking berries);
  • active growth of shoots (regular stripping is required);
  • excellent rooting of cuttings (95%).

Bazhena grapes have a second name - White miracle. This is quite justified: the variety has wonderful qualities.

Variety characteristics

Bazhena pleases gardeners with its technical data:

  • frost resistance up to -24 degrees Celsius;
  • cone-shaped berries;
  • unripe berries are green, ripe - light green;
  • average berry weight 10 g, maximum - up to 20 g;
  • berry length - up to 40 mm;
  • the brushes are loose, lush;
  • average hand weight - 700 g, maximum - 1200 g;
  • sugar content - 20%;
  • acidity - 7% (practically disappears during storage);
  • the pulp is watery;
  • the taste of berries has a fruity hue (notes of cherry, apple are felt);
  • the skin is dense;
  • the bush overloads itself with fruits: normalization is required.

Bazhena has excellent transportability and keeping quality. The grapes are easy to transport over long distances. This is convenient for gardeners who grow berries for sale.

Landing scheme

Bazhena is a grape variety loved by gardeners. But when landing, it is recommended to take into account its features:

  1. Bazhena grows well in sunny areas protected from northern and northeastern winds. The grapes bear fruit near the southern and southwestern walls of the dacha buildings.
  2. The variety prefers fertile, loose, neutral or slightly alkaline soils. Acidic ones are recommended to be deoxidized by adding lime (1 liter per square meter). To obtain loose soil, add perlite, peat with a neutral reaction, sand.
  3. The depth of the groundwater is 3-4 m. The grapes do not tolerate waterlogging of the soil. To prevent the root system from getting wet, drainage is required before planting.

It is recommended to plant Bazhena in the garden in early spring (in March) or in mid-autumn (early October). For spring planting, the soil temperature should be 7-10 degrees Celsius. In autumn, it should be planted 2-3 weeks before the onset of a stable cold snap. During this time, the bush will have time to take root well.

Planting a plant is required in a planting hole. It should be large enough to accommodate the root system. It is imperative to spill the well with water. Pour a mound of earth at the bottom and place the roots around it. Add the soil gradually. Seal the near-barrel circle. The planting should be mulched.

When growing several bushes, it is required to take into account the strength of growth: they should be planted at a distance of 1.5-2 m from each other.

The grower should take care of the support for the vine in advance. The plant overloads itself with fruits. Untied stems break, the harvest is lost.


Bazhena is an unpretentious, fruitful grape. But to get beautiful and tasty fruits, you need to follow the rules of care. They consist in:

  • timely watering (the soil should be moistened abundantly, but rarely);
  • watering is not recommended during the ripening period of berries;
  • dressing (in spring - with organic matter and mineral complex, in autumn - only with mineral fertilizers);
  • loosening the trunk circle;
  • weeding;
  • shaping and brightening pruning;
  • chipping;
  • normalization (removing unnecessary brushes);
  • shelter for the winter (in regions with a cold climate).

Bazhena grapes have heavy clusters: they are recommended to be tied up separately.

Prevention of diseases and pests

The variety has good immunity. But for a regular harvest, it is recommended to carry out recreational activities:

  • carry out brightening pruning;
  • carry out normalization;
  • tie a vine to a support;
  • apply fertilizers;
  • keep the circles free of weeds.

It is recommended to pull on a safety net to keep out birds.

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