Description of the Salinas cucumber variety, its characteristics and yield

Description of the Salinas cucumber variety, its characteristics and yield

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Gherkin type cucumbers are becoming more and more popular among gardeners. Cucumber Salinas, bred by breeders of Syngenta Seeds B.V., is distinguished by its early maturity and increased fruiting period.

Features of the hybrid

Salinas F1 is an early ripe hybrid of the female flowering type that does not require pollination. Ripening of the first fruits occurs 40–42 days after germination. Under favorable conditions, it continues to bear fruit until the first frost.

Description of cucumber Salinas F1:

  • vigorous plant, medium-growing;
  • medium-sized leaves;
  • internodes are short, bundle-type ovaries, from 2 to 4 ovaries are formed in each node;
  • yield - from 9 to 10 kg per 1 sq. m;
  • the plant is not afraid of high temperatures;
  • has high resistance to cladosporium disease, cucumber mosaic virus and powdery mildew.

The hybrid forms ovaries well and gives off the harvest in unison.

Fruit characteristics:

  • greens are equally short, oval in shape;
  • length from 6 to 9 cm;
  • fruit weight 90-100 grams;
  • small tuberous surface with dense white pubescence;
  • the color is dark green with short light stripes and weak spotting;
  • the pulp is dense, without bitterness, with increased crunchiness;
  • perfectly tolerate transportation.

Thanks to their excellent appearance and excellent taste, Salinas cucumbers are great for universal use.

Growing and care

Salinas cucumbers are intended for cultivation in open and closed ground.

  • Sowing seeds can be done as soon as the threat of frost passes, and the soil warms up to + 10-12 degrees.
  • Sowing pattern - 50x30 cm.
  • Sowing is recommended to a depth of 3-4 cm, spouts up.

  • Organic fertilizers should be added to the wells before sowing. This can be compost, poultry droppings, or manure.
  • After sowing, cover the bed with a non-woven material. It is very convenient to water through it. The soil will not erode, and the seedlings will be provided with moisture and oxygen.
  • From the moment of germination, the intensity of watering must be reduced, since too much moisture harms the cucumbers.

  • After planting and before the end of fruiting, it is advisable to make 4–5 dressings with mineral mixtures or organic fertilizers.
  • In addition to watering and feeding, the root system needs a sufficient amount of oxygen. To do this, the soil must be periodically loosened and hilled. This should be done with extreme care so as not to damage the roots.

After examining the description and reviews of the Salinas hybrid, we can conclude: the cucumber is unpretentious, does not require special care and is suitable for growing by novice vegetable growers. And to get a harvest, it is enough to adhere to the standards of agricultural technology.


Larisa Alexandrova, Arkhangelsk:

“We have been planting Salinas cucumbers for the third year in a row. Very good. Fruiting begins in May and ends in September. Last year, autumn was especially warm, as the last cucumbers were harvested in early October. "

Alexey Germanov, Smolensk:

“We have been growing this hybrid for over five years. Cucumbers are dense, tasty and crunchy. The harvest is always excellent, they bear fruit before frost. "

Tamara Kondratyeva, Leningrad region:

“Salinas is the most delicious cucumber, it is just perfect for salads. The peel is tender and there are almost no seeds inside. "

Olga Lushkina, Moscow:

“Salinas is my favorite hybrid. You can crunch right from the garden, add to the salad, and in jars - well, just a feast for the eyes. "



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