Counter top washbasin

Counter top washbasin

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Because a countertop washbasin

The countertop washbasin is fully in the perspective of transforming a useful object into a beautiful object. Leaning on a floor, in fact, it is no longer caged by all the collection compromises, such as the various furniture and cabinets, which hinder the possibility of adding "design" to the undisputed utility of the sink. So floor and sink can also make the tragic Monday morning look like an appointment with good taste and with a decidedly personal and personalized choice. But this is not all. There are those who choose a support sink because aesthetics can no longer disregard, especially in their own homes. But on balance, the undisputed furniture connoisseur, usually of fair sex, once fascinated by beauty also discovers the advantages in terms of hygiene. Thus, in a captivating linearity of lines and shapes, every useful object is at hand, in plain sight, up to the white and soft towels ready for use. Beautiful objects, an exhibition, easy to find, interesting to choose as furniture accessories and, in fact, easy to dust, clean and store. Table top, washbasin and accessories ready for hygiene, all straight and go, everything comes back clean and in order for the next most welcome guest.

Water games, shapes and colors. Heights

Where the water comes, a plan comes. And above the top is our beautiful sink. The advantages are counted since the installation and multiply like the numbers of our needs and our imagination. Let's start with the forms. It is enough to calmly enjoy an exhibition of these small masterpieces to understand that ingenuity and good taste have given shape to an almost infinite variety in size and geometry. Round, square, trapezoidal, flared. There are no more excuses or limits. Abandoning the use of classic columns, without the logic of standard-sized cabinets, heights can reflect not only the environment, but also every single member of the family. Every guest, every person or important occasion. A child, a height. An adult, another height. United by a single, or broken plan. Why not extend the concept to kindergartens? To schools? At the gyms attended by boys? A single plane, of the right height and size, with adequate colors and easily washable. The top can be chic, precious for material, refined and modern or raw and solid. In the same way, this furnishing solution will have satisfied the most exclusive environments, the public spaces, the home bathroom or the sink near the washing machine, for a more comfortable use without obstacles in the spaces. Finally, a support sink also sits in a corner. Did you think about it?

A washbasin for every occasion

The dentist can choose a support sink. Always sanitized and in small spaces. In the bedroom there can be a courtesy washbasin. Like a porcelain vase of ancient beauty. A chic restaurant can opt for more designer washbasin, leaves, ovals, cube. Good taste is the basis of excellence. In the kitchen or in the laundry room you cannot miss a support sink. A solid, hygienic top and all the advantage of crockery, utensils and visible cleaning products. What a comfort! A public place, a museum, a hotel cannot do without a "sculpture" style washbasin. A delightful way to welcome. At home, in the guest bathroom or guest bathroom, a sink is a must. Everything at your fingertips, even in the smallest spaces. No drawer or locker in which to rummage, nothing that can be forgotten: it is all under the eyes! In the realm of children: it cleans itself over, it cleans itself under without fatigue and in addition it is beautiful and colorful. No more threats to brush your teeth. There is a support sink for every occasion, for every need and requirement. The embarrassment is in not choosing it!

Counter top washbasin: What material are you?

If we talk about furniture, the choice of material in a countertop sink can be long. It is not difficult to find the right materials for the occasion and an innovative furnishing idea alongside the forms that conquer even the most demanding tastes. Ceramics, for example, always remains the timeless choice of nostalgics. Pure, candid, natural, enameled. The right choice for the sink for personal hygiene and laundry. Just clean it by looking at it. Or in resin, solid surface type, Modern forms and neo-minimalism go hand in hand with the solidity and technology of processing these materials. They can be produced, practically, in any shape and color. A countertop washbasin can also be in transparent glass. Modern mirrors, tiles, and spotlights are the ideal environment to make the glass containing water shine. It is an energizing and crystalline start to the day! The stone and wood washbasins are also remarkable. Materials that emit all the suggestions of the living and raw nature, to contain and transform the encounter with water into a ritual and purifying gesture.


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