Characteristics and description of the Abaco carrot variety, yield

Characteristics and description of the Abaco carrot variety, yield

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Abaco is a medium-ripening carrot, the best climate for growing it is temperate. The main advantage of the variety, in the opinion of vegetable growers who have been growing it for more than one season, is the excellent presentation of root crops. There are other positive qualities that you need to know about someone who has not yet made a choice about which carrots are best planted in the garden.

Breeding history

This variety was bred by Dutch breeders. Scientists crossed different varieties of carrots, as a result, a fundamentally new hybrid of Abaco with unique qualities of root crops was obtained.

Experts managed to bring out an early ripe variety that does not lose weight and nutrients during growth and storage. In 2009, the Abaco hybrid was zoned for the central regions of Russia.

Description and main characteristics

Carrot Abaco F1 belongs to mid-season varieties - 3.5 months pass from the moment the first shoots appear to harvest.

The description should begin with the vegetative mass. The foliage is quite long, voluminous, spreading. The color is dark emerald. The roots themselves have a conical shape, the color is orange, dark. The length of the root crop is about 18 - 19 cm. The weight of one fruit is 150 - 240 g, the taste is pleasant, the dry matter content is 11 - 12%, and the amount of sugar is about 8%. Carotene per 100 g of product - 18 - 18.5 kg.

Abaco has good resistance to cold snaps, does not freeze in the soil at temperatures down to -3 ° C. Seeds of carrots Abaco are distinguished by excellent germination - up to 94% of all seeds germinate. This figure is quite high for these root crops.

For the sake of completeness, we note that root vegetables are universal: they are used fresh in canning in combination with other vegetables, when salted and pickled cabbage, they are added in the preparation of main dishes and salads. Recently, many vegetables and fruits have been frozen in freezers: for Abaco carrots, with this type of storage, root crops do not deteriorate and do not lose their taste.

Since this variety has the most intensely colored roots, they are often used in the processing industry.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of this hybrid include:

  • early ripening;
  • excellent germination of seed;
  • excellent commercial qualities of ripe root crops;
  • taste - excellent;
  • frost resistance (up to -3 ° C);
  • versatility of use;
  • high resistance to diseases, in particular to Alternaria leaf spot.

There were no drawbacks in the variety.

The nuances of growing a hybrid

In open ground, seeds can be sown in the last decade of April or in the first decade of May. The variety is frost-resistant, so the seedlings are not afraid of spring frosts. But if possible, it is better to sow the root crop after the spring frosts.

The best predecessors for carrots are cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, any kind of cabbage. The optimal soil for growing carrots is loose sandy loam and loam.

It is necessary to regularly and abundantly water the beds (at least once every 10 days), thin the seedlings after emergence, leaving the strongest and strongest seedlings. Subsequent care consists in regularly loosening the soil and removing weeds. Mineral fertilizers and wood ash are used as top dressing. The crop is harvested as the roots ripen.

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