Rattan garden furniture

Rattan garden furniture

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Rattan garden furniture

For those wishing to furnish their garden in a sophisticated and elegant way, they can choose rattan furnishing accessories. This material is often used for making furniture and it is a wood that is obtained by working and weaving a palm, very similar to bamboo, which comes from Asia. The branches of this plant that are about a meter long, once cleaned, are dried and then twisted to result in woven rattan, which is very beautiful aesthetically.
The processing of rattan does not end here, since it will create furnishing complements especially for gardens, it must undergo various treatments first of all in order to make it waterproof and weatherproof. Without the waterproofing procedure it will absorb water and rot soon. The rattan must also be treated with special resins so that it is protected from external agents and therefore does not discolor due to prolonged exposure to the sun. Finally, it is necessary that it undergoes a treatment to avoid and prevent insect attacks.
In recent years, this type of wood is really appreciated for its particular and refined appearance; when the branches are intertwined they form structures such that they adapt to the creation of elements in various forms that combine very well with any type of environment.
The classicism and tradition of wood, through this material, come together and blend with elegance and modernity.
Tables, chairs, sofas made of rattan make a garden or a veranda precious; really suitable for the countryside but also great in the city, perhaps to decorate a terrace.
The color shades you can choose range from yellow to brown, warm colors that never clash with any other type of color, environment and lighting.
There is also painted rattan, which is very fashionable today is white painted.

Rattan furniture

If we choose rattan furniture to furnish our garden, we will really have something very special, elegant and rustic at the same time. It's not all, through the rattan we can also give an ethnic aspect to our garden, just complete it all with details like cushions or candles.
The tables: the most widespread are those in woven rattan and have no large dimensions, they are similar to the coffee tables and therefore also very low. They are tables suitable for an aperitif or a small buffett, not indicated to contain a real meal. The supporting structure is in metal and the base and other details are in rattan; their appearance is original and sophisticated.
The chairs: the shapes of the chairs built with this material are really varied, they can be very simple but also very sophisticated and with unique decorative details. The choice must be made based on the type of environment or garden in which they must be placed. There are also chaise-longues, or rather garden chairs, always made of rattan. Usually chairs and deckchairs are equipped with soft and colorful cushions that make them aesthetically beautiful but also very comfortable. Combining with a small sofa and a small table, they can recreate a small living room immersed in the nature of our garden.
Complements: with the rattan are often built grates, ottomans or bases for umbrellas, all elements that complete the style of our living room surrounded by nature.
The sofas: the garden sofas are often made of rattan, with one or two seats, with padding on the seat but also on the armrests, or lined with a covering cover, they really look elegant. As for the tables, the sofas usually have a metal supporting structure.

Synthetic rattan

Polyrattan, or synthetic rattan, is a fiber that literally reproduces natural rattan. It was created specifically for the realization of special and luxury outdoor furniture: sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables and more. Everything is built with the polyrattan, just like with natural rattan, but it guarantees in addition the total impermeability and resistance to external atmospheric agents.
It is a very high quality fiber, therefore, robust and very solid.
The maintenance of this fiber, then, is very simple as it is sufficient to wash the furnishings with water and simple neutral soap.

Rattan garden furniture: Rattan furniture care

First of all, an important thing to point out is that it is not advisable to prolong the exposure of garden furniture items in rattan, under direct sunlight. In this way it will be avoided that the fiber loses its original color and therefore becomes slightly discolored, but not only, it will also prevent it from bending or deforming.
To remove the dust that accumulates in the weaves, a vacuum cleaner can be used, better if equipped with a small nozzle to get to remove the hidden dust, or a sofa brush. Alternatively, you can wipe the furniture with a cloth soaked in salted water, wring the cloth well before performing this operation.
Finally, at least twice a year, it is good practice to wash the surface of the rattan with soap and water and let it dry very well in the open air. To revive the color, however, a cloth soaked in linseed oil can be passed over the rattan.
As a last tip, avoid cleaning this fiber with chemicals, as they could cause irreparable damage, such as unsightly stains.


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