Instructions for use and composition of the Lamador dressing agent, dosage and analogues

Instructions for use and composition of the Lamador dressing agent, dosage and analogues

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To obtain high yields of grain crops, it is necessary to create favorable conditions for crops long before the seeds enter the ground. For this purpose, the seed must be properly prepared by treating it with an appropriate substance that destroys pathogens on the grain, in the soil and on young plants. The use of "Lamador" - a new generation dressing agent - gives excellent results for spring and winter crops.

Active ingredient and preparative form

Lamador is a systemic pesticide, a new generation fungicide. It belongs to the class of triazoles, consists of two active components:

  1. Prothioconazole at a concentration of 250 grams per liter.
  2. Tebuconazole in a ratio of 150 grams per liter.

The presence of two components allows achieving synergy in action and increasing the efficiency of the Lamador dressing agent. Each of the components affects specific areas of pathogen DNA, which leads to higher rates of infection destruction. It works on more mold and rot, providing plants with quality protection at the most important early stages of crop development.

The preparative form of "Lamador" is a KS, that is, a suspension concentrate. The dressing agent is produced in five-liter plastic cans, it is an imported drug produced by Bayer (Germany).

Spectrum of action and mechanism of work

Means "Lamador" are used for dressing seed material of winter and spring wheat, barley, winter rye and oats. Active substances act on different components of pathogens, due to which the effectiveness of the dressing agent doubles.

"Lamador" destroys pathogens of fungal infections on seeds, soil, and airborne.

The use of a dressing agent helps to fight a whole range of diseases of grain crops, protects against root rot and snow mold, destroys smut, helps the plant to withstand temperature extremes and adverse weather conditions - drought, dry winds, cold and extreme heat.

Means "Lamador" does not possess phytotoxicity, creates favorable conditions for crops, providing a powerful start, serving as a guarantee of a large harvest.

Instructions for the use of the drug "Lamador"

The drug "Lamador" belongs to the second class of danger to humans. This means that the disinfectant can cause serious harm to both human health and the environment. Such substances are dangerous for pollinating insects, including honey bees, as well as for fish and aquatic fauna, therefore they cannot be used near apiaries and during active summer bees, as well as in the water protection zone.

The dressing agent is used once, to process the seed immediately before it is introduced into the ground, or in advance (within 12 months before sowing). The consumption of the working fluid is 10 liters per ton of seeds, the rate of application of the agent is 0.15-0.2 grams per liter.

The dressing agent is effective against the following fungal diseases of grain crops:

  1. Smut - hard, dusty, stony, false, covered and stem.
  2. Root rot - Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, Helminthosporium.
  3. Septoria.
  4. Reticulated and reddish-brown spotting.
  5. Tifulez.
  6. Mold on seed.

The composition of "Lamador" includes a dye that allows you to track the uniformity and quality of seed treatment, as well as an adhesive that forms a thin film on the grain surface that does not leave untreated areas. Thanks to this, the seed is reliably protected from many types of fungal diseases.

Treated seeds are freed from the pathogens on them, which gives them a chance to start successfully, not die in the early stages, and survive a possible deterioration in weather conditions. As a result, the treated seeds are more viable, and the plants that have grown from them are strong and fertile. Thus, pre-sowing seed treatment becomes the key to obtaining large yields of winter and spring grain crops: wheat, rye, barley and oats.

Safety when working with the tool

The same rules apply to working with the drug as with most pesticides:

  1. Wearing protective clothing that covers the maximum area of ​​the body (trousers, long-sleeved shirts, closed shoes, hats).
  2. Use of personal protective equipment: glasses, masks, rubber gloves, when spraying indoors - respirators.
  3. Prohibition of eating and drinking, as well as smoking while working with Lamador.

Expert opinion

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If the disinfectant gets on the skin or mucous membranes, in the eyes, immediately rinse the affected area with running clean water. If accidentally swallowed, urgently induce vomiting and seek medical attention. The same must be done in case of deterioration of the employee's health or in case of vision problems in case of splashing into the eyes.

Compatibility with other drugs

The Lamador disinfectant is compatible with most pesticides used in agriculture. It can be included in tank mixes, provided that test mixes have been previously carried out. If they have led to the appearance of sediment, flocs or gas evolution, it is impossible to mix the products in the same container.

In the event that a homogeneous mixture is formed without side effects, the combined preparation can be used without restrictions. Particular attention must be paid to mixing with growth regulators and micronutrients.

Storage conditions

The "Lamador" disinfectant must be stored separately from food, drinks, animal feed (domestic and agricultural), medicines and household chemicals, preferably outside living quarters.

Storage areas should be cool, with temperatures ranging from -10 to +40 degrees Celsius, protected from solar radiation. Containers with the drug "Lamador" must be tightly closed, and unauthorized persons, children, animals must not have access to the room. The shelf life is up to 24 months from the date of manufacture of the product.

Treatments analogs

The analogues of Lamador in terms of active ingredients are Prozaro, Prozaro Quantum and Redigo Pro.

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