Wooden outdoor tables

Wooden outdoor tables

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Wooden outdoor tables

Whoever has an outdoor space at home (a terrace or a garden) and can furnish it, surely needs an outdoor table where you can set up an area for outdoor dining.
The outdoor tables can be made in many different materials but, wood is certainly the most used material for the realization of outdoor tables because it goes well with all types of style and furnishings while being practical and functional.
There are different types of outdoor tables made of wood, in fact it is possible to choose between large and heavy tables that must necessarily be fixed because they are difficult to move and small and light wooden tables that can easily be moved.
All outdoor wooden tables are durable and durable and, with the exception of chipboard tables, they can easily be exposed to atmospheric agents without suffering any damage even if it is always preferable to place outdoor wooden tables in a sheltered place from rain and not exposed to the sun because over time, some types of wood may discolor or may lose the protective varnish and therefore need maintenance.
To choose the type of garden table best suited to your needs, you must first take into account how many people will have to accommodate in order to choose the right size and then combine it with any furniture already present to create the right atmosphere and maintain the unaltered style of the furniture. Even the outdoor chairs are usually combined with the style and wood of the table.

Types of wood

The outdoor wooden tables are not all the same in fact they change according to the type of wood used for its realization.
One of the woods used for outdoor tables is solid wood which is an important and valuable choice of table, it is resistant and durable and above all it is very heavy so those who choose a table built in this type of wood must opt ​​for a fixed solution. .
The chipboard is another type of wood used for outdoor tables, this material is much cheaper and, if subjected to rains, is easily damaged, is very light and therefore can be moved easily.
One of the most resistant woods used for the construction of outdoor tables is teak, which is naturally water repellent and therefore does not spoil even if it is exposed to rain for a long time, does not require any maintenance and lasts even if its cost is slightly higher than other types of wood.
Lately, the outdoor tables made of rattan (a type of woven wood that is obtained from a tropical palm) are also spreading, these types of tables resist shocks and chipping and are not damaged if left exposed to the elements. Rattan tables are very elegant and refined but represent the most expensive type of wood.

Types of tables

The outdoor tables, besides differentiating between them for the type of wood used, also differ for the various existing models.
There are small and square tables but also large and rectangular ones such as round or oval ones but above all in addition to the classic tables there are folding models and extendable ones always made entirely of wood.
The extendable wooden tables are characterized by a series of panels that are added to the main structure allowing the table to become longer, they are used above all when you want to have more space in case of sudden guests, therefore they are usually small, but if necessary, they become much longer. This type of table is generally made of teak and represents a fixed structure.
The folding outdoor tables have the characteristic of being able to close in on themselves and not to take up space when they are not needed. This type of table is used when you do not have a space where you can position the table permanently or as an "emergency" table to be used only when you need an extra table. Usually, the folding outdoor tables are made of chipboard.
All outdoor tables are available in various colors although they are often found mainly in classic wood shades, but if you want you can request painted tables to have the color that best fits your style, only the rattan tables are available in many more colors that go from white to black.

Wooden outdoor tables: Choice and maintenance

When you buy your wooden outdoor table, choose it based on where you place it, taking into account the different needs of the various types of wood.
All the different woods are treated before sale with special paints designed to protect this material from various atmospheric agents but, over time, the paint must be replaced and the table must be repainted in order to keep its properties intact even if the rattan and teak tables have greater resistance and therefore do not need any maintenance.
Find outdoor wooden tables at any gardening store and garden furniture while folding tables can also be purchased in shopping malls.
For the purchase of outdoor rattan tables you can also use the specialized websites.


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