Recipes on how to salt greens at home for the winter in jars

Recipes on how to salt greens at home for the winter in jars

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Every housewife should know how to properly salt greens for the winter. Thanks to the conservation of green plants, you can enjoy the gifts of summer all year round. For safe salting, you should properly prepare jars, products. Having familiarized yourself with the nuances below, it will be possible to prepare canned food even from inexperienced chefs.

General rules for salting greens

To salt green plants, it is important to choose the right food. The selected components must be fresh, not dried out, without faded elements. As a last resort, they can be removed. Banks should be chosen transparent, without chips, cracks, especially at the neck. They are pre-washed with soda, poured over with boiling water, sterilized, including the lids. You can disinfect containers in a saucepan with boiling water, an oven, a microwave oven.

How to dry greens before salting

Green plants can be dried before conservation in the following ways:

  • use a dehydrator, setting the temperature regime to 40 degrees, sprinkle herbs on trays;
  • dry food in the oven, including gas at a minimum temperature, place the baking sheet in the upper groove, keep the door open;
  • Spread the chopped greens on a tablecloth, spreading it out in the shade with good aeration.

Most often they resort to the latest technology for drying greens, especially in the summer in the country. For people living in apartments, the first two methods are more suitable.

How to choose and prepare the main ingredients?

Any kind of greens can be canned, up to vegetable tops. Dill, parsley, onion and garlic feathers, cilantro, celery, carrot or beet leaves, sorrel, and rucola are widely used. Salted greens do not ferment, preserves taste, and remains fragrant. Buy fresh seasonings, they are richer.

Preparatory manipulations

Twigs, leaves should be removed from the plants, washed 2-3 times to cleanse them of contamination, possible beetles. It is recommended to leave the components in a bowl of liquid for 2 hours. The procedure will help remove bitterness from it.

After that, you need to lay out the plants in one layer on a clean towel ironed on 2 sides so that they dry.

It is undesirable to cut twigs and leaves too small, the pieces should be medium in size. Several bundles can be left intact. They are perfect for decorating dishes in winter.

Green leaves and herbs are dry-salted or poured over with marinade. Experienced chefs advise buying coarse rock salt for preservation. The slices are put into disinfected jars, their optimal volume is 0.5 liters. It is better to close it with metal or nylon caps.

How to prepare canned greens: ways

To salt green plants at home for the winter, they resort to 2 methods - wet and dry salting. Both techniques do not require much effort, financial costs. The following recipes with salt will serve as an addition to meat, side dishes, preservation can be added to the first courses.

Dry ambassador

The technology for preparing salted herbs in a dry way is the easiest to carry out. The products will not deteriorate even with the wrong combination of herbs. Plants are washed out, dried whole or crushed, combined with salt, poured into sterile containers. You will need the following products:

  • 100 g of cilantro, basil;
  • 150 g each of parsley, celery, dill;
  • a sprig of oregano;
  • 1 tbsp sea ​​salt.

Put the washed, chopped herbs in sterile jars along with oregano, tamp. Close containers with lids.

In brine

The workpiece from green plants in brine should be rolled into jars with a metal lid. There are two methods for preparing marinated preserves.

  1. Prepared leaves, herbs, put in a saucepan, add water, salt, bring the mixture to a boil. Boil for 5 minutes. Pour the finished mass immediately into sterile containers, roll up.
  2. Put the greens in jars, pour boiling brine, roll up with metal lids.

For 1 kg of plants, you will need 0.3 liters of water, half a liter of 8% vinegar, 30 g of salt, 50 g of vegetable oil. First of all, prepare the marinade. When the water boils, add vinegar and salt. Salt carrot, beetroot and radish tops, garlic or onion arrows with this mixture. Cut the twigs with leaves into large pieces, put them in jars at once. After pouring the greens with boiling brine, add oil to it. Banks are immediately rolled up, turned upside down, wrapped.

Further storage of workpieces

The storage period for dry and wet pickles is 1 year. Store jars in a dry or moderately humid environment. When the air is too humid, green preservation can become moldy.

You can put containers in a basement, cellar or closet. It is important that they are not exposed to ultraviolet rays.

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