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In the video column of hundreds and hundreds of video contributions to let you know all the most famous ornamental plants. Thanks to these videos, you can learn about the characteristics of many vegetable plants, many house plants and all the best garden plants, but not only. In the succulent plants section and in the bonsai section you will find many details, fast and clear, to get to know more about these plants. Lovers of the vegetable garden and orchard can instead enjoy watching the videos dedicated to pruning, sowing and vegetable plants.
  • Video garden

    In the video garden section you will find many videos through which many garden plants are described. In each video the cultivation of a species is described in detail and practical advice is offered regarding watering, fertilizing, preparation ... go to the video garden section
  • Video gardening techniques

    Welcome to the video gardening section. In this channel, all the videos on the main indoor and outdoor plant cultivation techniques that we will produce month by month will be inserted. Some of the topics that will be covered most are: sowing, l ... go to the video gardening techniques section
  • Video plants apartment

    Welcome to the channel dedicated to videos on indoor plants and the cultivation of greenery in apartments in general. Every month many videos will be produced for you and many videos on single houseplants and on the main cultivation techniques of the plants will be published online ... go to the video section of the apartment plants
  • Video garden-orchard

    More and more friends ask us for information on growing vegetables. This is why we thought of a special video channel dedicated to orchards and the cultivation of the vegetable garden in general ... go to the video section of the orchard
  • Video fat plants

    The passion for succulents is shared by many friends of, for this reason we thought of a special video section dedicated to succulents. The video channel on succulents will publish new videos every month on individual succulent plants and on the cultivation of succulents ... go to the video section succulents
  • Video bonsai

    Video channel dedicated to videos on bonsai and their care. The bonsai videos have been designed by exponents bonsisti to show the simplest techniques of this ancient art and allow those who want to know it better to deepen their knowledge ... go to the video bonsai section
  • Video pruning

    To prune a tree, make a graft or propagate a plant by layering are just some of the topics that are treated in this section dedicated to pruning and tree care interventions ... go to the video pruning section
  • Video seeding

    A well-done sowing is the first fundamental step to have an excellent harvest at the end of the season. In this section you will find many videos related to the different sowing techniques and the different tricks that must be used in the early stages of seedling germination ... go to the video seeding section