Outdoor pots, the trends of the moment

Outdoor pots, the trends of the moment

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Outdoor pots, the trends of the moment

Planters and vases are the only possibility to cultivate for those who only have a balcony or a terrace; but they are an interesting and versatile element even in the garden. First of all, they give us the possibility to grow sensitive plants that would not adapt to outdoor life in the coldest months of the year. They are also a good choice if we want our spaces to be attractive even in December and August, with frost or extreme heat. For the focal points the ideal is to buy three or four different pots to fill with scalar flowering plants. All we have to do is alternate them throughout the year.
To achieve a good overall result, it is essential that the style of our spaces, containers and plants is harmonious. On the market, we can find every kind of shape, size and material. It is up to us to decide which trends to follow.

Modern garden

The external spaces must be in close relationship with the buildings that surround them. Especially in the city, gardens and balconies have “minimal” tendencies: plants are pruned in a formal manner and those with a more essential aspect are preferred (such as ornamental grasses). To give charm and to add points of interest to these environments, it is enough to rely on trendy designers: plastic, steel, resin and cement are currently the rising trend.
Most of the times they are in neutral colors like white, beige, wenge, the many shades of gray. However, the achievements in bright colors are not lacking, to be used in harmony or in contrast with the surrounding landscape and cultivated plants. The forms are linear and essential. It is not rare that the vessels become elements that are an end in themselves or even used as a source of light.

Rustic garden

In our country there are many homes in rustic areas: to maximize them we recommend using traditional materials. In general, those that are best matched are terracotta, cement and wood. In the first case we can focus on simple-shaped vases alternating them, perhaps in focal positions, with other more valuable ones where craftsmanship is evident. The overall picture is completed by giving these objects a lived-in look: in particular we advise against removing the limestone accumulations.
The same concept applies to cement containers (preferring those with a rounded shape): we can favor the quick "aging" by brushing them with yogurt which we will have mixed with pieces of moss.
Wooden planters are ideal for many crops, but marry beautifully with citrus fruits. They give their best when they are painted green or white, but they are also beautiful simply impregnated.

Nostalgic or shabby garden

This style can be easily put into practice in the countryside as well as in the city and good settings can also be created on balconies and terraces. It is a question of reconstructing a vintage, Provencal or Art Nouveau style. First we recommend a metal or white painted furniture. As containers it is imperative the use of recycled objects: excellent sources of supply are the cellars, the attics, the antique markets or the brocante. Very ancient are the ancient galvanized basins, the barrels to be divided in half, the carboys, old bicycles with basket. Wood also finds its place: ideally bleached or in pastel colors. Hanging baskets cannot be missing: in wicker or metal, they give a romantic touch that cannot be missed.

Vases on balconies and terraces

The balconies and terraces have special needs, especially space. It is essential to make optimal use of horizontal and vertical surfaces. Precisely for this purpose the "vertical gardens" have become very popular. They are available in different modularities and materials: plastic, wood, fabric. We can use them for ornamental plants, but they are also excellent for setting up an aromatic corner or even a small vegetable garden.
The balconettes are also trendy: they are mostly made of plastic, but declined in so many bright colors so as to become, first and foremost, a point of attraction. They are also very practical thanks to the new and safe methods of anchoring and the possibility of having large reserves of water for our plants.

Vases with recycled materials

The reuse of materials is a growing trend and is in agreement with the aspirations of those who are dedicated to agriculture. Now the pallets have become very coveted: with minor modifications you can create beautiful vertical gardens. By dismantling and reusing the boards you get planters, even very durable ones.
Plastic containers can be painted or covered with stones, small branches or pieces of colored ceramic. The wooden boxes, painted in various ways, are excellent pot holders. Jute bags also work well.


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