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Best brush cutter

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The choice of the best brush cutter

The best hedge trimmer for gardening is the most functional for the specific job we need to do. Obviously if we have a green area of ​​modest size and rather regular we can opt for a product intended for DIY, a basic model with a very competitive market price. For a larger area or for more difficult work circumstances, such as the presence of small shrubs, brambles or extremely tall grass, a semi-professional brush cutter is needed. If, on the other hand, we use the brush cutter on a working level, we need a professional object, which will have a much higher price but which will be much more efficient, with a greater engine displacement, better accessories and professional technical features. When choosing the best brushcutter, special care must be taken, whatever use is made of it, for safety, favoring offers related to the most famous brands.

Types of brushcutters

The first technical difference in brushcutters and nutrition. There are electric tools, particularly suitable for those who have to cut the grass of small condominium gardens and small borders. This typology, in particular, has very low maintenance requirements. It will be more than sufficient to follow the instructions for periodic cleaning, eliminating the grass that remains on the head and keeping the tool in the shelter, in the garage or cellar, when not in use. The petrol-driven models, on the other hand, require regular periodic maintenance relating to the replacement of the spark plugs, the lubrication of the mechanical components, the rope and the spring for tearing ignition. The petrol-driven brush cutters are used for more complex works, being able to intervene in contexts where the electric brushcutter is not indicated, such as the undergrowth. The most modern brushcutters also offer battery-powered models, to combine the functionality of the types of electric motors, without however having to carry the power cable with them.

Brushcutter accessories

When we choose the best brushcutter we must also consider the possibility of installing optional accessories. Even the most modern products allow the same body and engine to be fitted with brushcutters, chainsaws and hedge trimmers respectively. All the elements necessary to take care of a garden are made available in a single tool. The element that characterizes the brushcutter is certainly the head, which rotates and cuts the grass thanks to the action of the nylon thread. Some brushcutters can also mount the rotating blade, intended only for professional use, by those who are familiar with the subject of gardening, given the danger deriving from incorrect installation or use. The blade allows to make cuts of small shrubs and branches, being able to clean up even large brambles.

Best brush cutter: Brands and prices

You can buy the best brushcutter in a specialized gardening and DIY store, go to a large commercial chain or view the dedicated websites. Costs vary depending on functionality, brand and models. Approximately 100 un to 350Ђ for an electric brushcutter. For petrol models we start from 250Ђ for models intended for non-professional gardening and over 1000Ђ for real work tools, equipped with a backpack and comfortable handlebars to operate even for medium-long times. Black & Decker, Bosch and other manufacturers also offer cordless brushcutters and trimmers that cost around 100Ђ. The electric motors are sold by brands like Al-Ko and the petrol engines are sold by Alpina, McCulloch, Honda and others.