How to cultivate Deutzia

How to cultivate Deutzia

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La Deutzia

Deutzia is a rustic plant, easy to cultivate, very appreciated for its small white or pink flowers. It is a medium-sized shrub, which generally tends to be satisfied with the water provided by the rains. It has deciduous leaves and the vegetative awakening takes place in the middle of spring, when the cool and humid climate helps us, providing the correct irrigations that the plant needs. In the case of particularly hot and dry spring, it is however of fundamental importance to water the plant, to avoid that it is in lack of irrigation precisely in the period in which it has the greatest need. Even during the summer it can happen that the very dry climate leads to dry soil; in these cases you can notice the plant collapsing: just water it abundantly to make it return turgid and healthy. In any case it is good to avoid the excesses of watering, therefore it is irrigated only when the soil is dry, avoiding to leave it damp for a long time.

How to grow it

In the nursery you can find about 3-4 botanical species of Deutzia, all with deciduous leaves and flowers of shades ranging from white to pink; there are also some hybrids, whose cultivation is completely the same as that of botanical species. It is a shrub native to China and Japan, whose development can become intrusive in some parts of Europe, with a cool and humid climate. They are plants that do not require great care, because they tend to develop correctly even if left totally in the hands of the climate, without providing other waterings in addition to those due to the weather. To have a luxuriant plant it is therefore advisable to water in case of drought. The Deutzia blooms on the branches of the previous year, for this reason, after flowering, it is appropriate to prune the old and particularly large branches, to stimulate the production of new shoots, which the following year will bear the buds.

How to fertilize

The cultivation of Deutzia must take place in a fresh soil rich in humus; if grown in pots the plants must be repotted every year, or every two years, to completely replace the exhausted substrate. In the garden it is advisable to periodically provide a slow release granular fertilizer, which will gradually dissolve with each watering. In this way the fertilizer can also be supplied only a couple of times a year, in late winter and early autumn. They are not particularly demanding plants, but life in heavy soil, which prevents the correct development of the roots and poor in nutrients leads to an increasingly scarce flowering, with the passing of years. The soil around the plant should also be ground with earthworm humus, or fresh soil. The soil around the roots of the shrub must always remain soft and well drained.

How to cultivate Deutzia: Pests and diseases

Deutzia shrubs love to be grown in full sun, but in areas with a particularly dry climate it is good to prefer the partial shade, which protects the plant from excessive heat. These plants are rustic, they do not fear the cold, but they can be damaged by a particularly harsh climate, with temperatures that drop many degrees below zero. In spring the aphids attack the young shoots, which must be immediately buffered using appropriate insecticides. In the case in which the Deutzia plants are cultivated in a particularly heavy and compact soil rot can develop, or the shrub can show a stunted development. These shrubs bloom in full spring or early summer: if the weather is very hot, it is advisable to check that the soil is properly watered, or you risk losing the buds.


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